This just in!

Hey Austinites, looking for some quick gift-making goodness! On the evening of November 14th, I’m teaching a simple, fingerless glove class at Craft-O-Rama on South Congress that I’d love to see you at! We’ll hang out, we’ll knit, we’ll be all productive and stuff by starting on holiday gifts–it’ll be a win-win situation, people! There are only 10 spots available though, so sign-up while the signing-up’s good. For the scoop, go to the COR website and e-mail or call Hayley. Hope to see you there!

In other late, not-so-breaking-news, I’ve decided to go through with producing at least one season (6-ish podisodes) of my own podcast called: CRL (Craft. Rock. Love.) with Vickie Howell. Thanks for the nudge, I wouldn’t have done it hadn’t so many people spoken up!
It’s still in the pre-production stage but as I type, we’re booking guests, working on topics and writing the theme song (yes, of course I need a theme song–that’s a perk of being married to a musician ;-)). Our goal is to get the first podcast up in November and for it to run weekly for the next 6. So far confirmed guests are Kathy Cano-Murillo (aka Crafty Chica), Adina Klein (Vogue Knitting/Knit.1), Will Forte (SNL/knitter), Jennifer Perkins (Craft Lab/Naughty Secretary Club) and Adrienne Armstrong (Owner of Atomic Garden/co-owner of Adeline Records/first lady of Green Day).

We’ve booked advertisers for 3 “podisodes” already, but are looking for sponsors for 3 more. We have both audio inclusive and banner ad options, for your promotional pleasure. CRL’s first season will run during prime holiday shopping weeks and then indefinitely in the archives, so your business is bound to get a lot of coverage should you choose to jump on board! For a breakdown and specific advertising info, e-mail:

Have a great weekend!


5 Responses to “This just in!”

  1. Jadielady

    Awesome! I look forward to listening to your podcast. I love watching your show when I’m at my parent’s, sadly we don’t get that channel where I live.
    I’ve recently begun a new blog where I review podcasts, so I look forward to talking about yours ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Anonymous

    Oh, I can’t wait until the podcast!! I am glad you decided to do them. So far, I think Will Forte will be my fav. He is so insanly funny.

  3. Average Jane Crafter

    Fun! I just took a crochet class at COR, and it was great. Hayley is awesome,and the shop is just plain cool. I almost passed out when I saw their selection of fabrics and fun stuff. So glad to hear you will be teaching there. ๐Ÿ™‚