This is me procratinating.

I’m supposed to be compiling information for the end of a report I’m working on. Instead I’m posting nonsense here. Procrastinating: I’m really good at that. That should be my motto.

Is anyone watching Al Gore’s Live Earth concert? We have it playing in the background while we’re washing all of the dishes and linens from the party, before we return them to their respective owners or donate them to Goodwill. I’m thinking about Annette O. today, wishing her and her husband (Michael McKean) good luck and an amazing time. They’re in London for a special Live Earth reunion of Spinal Tap, where she’ll be singing back-up. If I were in the UK audience, my excitement level would totally be on 11. 😉

Speaking of rock, I knit up this square for Warm Up America and had planned to start a knit-a-long to coincide with the Knitty Gritty Special we’re shooting, which will also benefit WUA. Trusty web gal Jenny told me however, that it is… uh… very “rock n’ roll looking”. In Jenny-speak, this means that I need to go back to the drawing board and come up with another square. Oh well, they can’t all be winners and hey, it’s double-stranded ROCK yarn so even if it’s not pretty, it’ll still contribute warmth to a finished blanket! Don’t forget people, any 7X9 knit or crocheted square will work!

This week’s mail brought good fortune! Former Knitty Gritty art department guy Dylan Jones, sent me this advice. If it’s good enough for a cookie, it’s good enough for me!Lastly, for you parents out there looking for a quickie summer project for the kiddos, check out my no-sew, “Poncho Libre” bathing suit covers made from thrift store towels, in the current issue of Kiwi Magazine!

And with that, I bid you a happy Saturday. Adieu!


3 Responses to “This is me procratinating.”

  1. tina

    Procrastination is sometimes a good thing, it means you just need a little recharge.

    Eat chocolate. Nap. Take a walk. Procrastinate. After all, the bad ole’ stuff finds you soon enough!

  2. dragon knitter

    we watched it both on the tv and on the computer. imagine my musician husband’s chagrin when his two favorite bassists (sting & roger waters) were on at the same time! gah!

    i saw a lot of groups i’d never heard of, but completely enjoyed, and also finally saw the smashing pumpkins (they’re getting back together, woohoo! gotta love girl bassists!)

  3. Sonia

    You sound like you need a break, definitely sound busy.Nothing wrong with a little procrastination.