The stage between cat and kitten should be called, "catten".

Hey there! I’m off to Houston in the morning to tag with the Knitta’s for a Knitty Gritty Special segment. While I’m gone, tune in to this week’s episode of Flight of the Conchords with an appearance by my friend, the lovely Will Forte (dare I say, this is the first knitter to appear on the series?)!

Now, changing subjects…

Last call for the summer of bebes! I have a new pattern up for those of us who a.) know small children, and b.) live in what seems like perpetual heat. Ladies and gentlefolk, I give you…Boy in the Bubble!

Boy in the Bubble
Baby Jumper
Sizes: 0-6mos. to 24 mos.
Snag it here!

Or as always, get it for free with purchase of Vickie Howell Collection yarn at your LYS!

Happy weekend!

6 Responses to “The stage between cat and kitten should be called, "catten".”

  1. Susan

    Does Will Forte KNIT? I knew there was a reason I had a big crush on him! He is one of the best things about SNL!

  2. Vickie Howell

    Susan–Yup, he knits! If you click on the word “knitter” in the post, you can read the Knit.1 article that I taught Will how to knit for. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    I seem to think that I remember from a previous post that you said DIY was not going to film a new season of Knitty Gritty this year. Am I remembering this correctly? If so, why the h**l not? I LOVE Knitty Gritty and look forward to watching it when I get home from work! I can’t get enough of KG!


  4. WonderMike

    I love Flight of the Conchords. Thanks for the Will Forte heads up! Now, if I could get someone to TiVo Knitty Gritty, life would be complete.