The Mothercraft: Swatch Doll Blankets

I ‘m a bit sentimental about my knit and crochet swatches. No matter how ordinary the stitch pattern; regardless of the content of the yarn — more often than not, I just can’t seem to part with them. Since having my own yarn line especially, the swatches have become abundant! I’m definitely not organized enough to keep a scrapbook of them, but I at least have a drawer that I stash them in. After all, (I reason with myself) there are tons of potential uses for tiny, yarn fabric, right? Well, my stitching friends, today I have validated my swatch-hoarding, by repurposing (notice the “green” term which makes this notion appear modern) a few pieces-from-projects-past into dollhouse blankets. It’s a day-after-Christmas miracle!
The master bed in my daughters new dollhouse is now covered with the knit-to-crochet conversion swatch I made for the Sheep(ish), Color Card scarf. It’s the perfect size, and I *heart* how it looks. If I had a spare 80 hours in my life, I would definitely make a King-sized version for my own bed!

The top-bunk blanket, is a product development test swatch. The bottom bunk is the teaching swatch I used during the double-crochet lesson in Crochet Lab on Craftsy.

Tiny squares emerging from the dark depths of the craft closet to find a new life, makes both mama and girlie happy.


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2 Responses to “The Mothercraft: Swatch Doll Blankets”

  1. Anonymous

    Neat Bloggin’ “stuff.’ Thanks.

    What is the EASIEST pullover sweater for a beginner knitter to make?
    People always say, oh this is simple, but to me it’s not. Help!
    B K