The Mothercraft: Spooky Yarn Wreath

This Halloween tell your kids a good yarn about a wretched wreath — one covered in spiders and fringe! With a few supplies from the craft store and in under 2 hours, your home decor will include a bit of not-so-ferocious fun. 
1 ball each of Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) yarn, in colors: Black(ish) and White(ish)
Twig or foam wreath base (desired size — I found this one at the dollar spot in Target)
Plastic Spiders
Hot glue & gun
Measuring tape
Yarn needle
  • Make fringe bunch by measuring and cutting six, 18″ strands of Black(ish) yarn.
  • Holding strands together, fold in half; tie on fringe by folding around a section of wreath base; push the tail ends through the loop created by the strands being folded in half; pull until snug.
  • Repeat last two steps until wreath base is completely covered in fringe bunches.
  • Trim ends around, if desired.
  • With yarn needle and a knotted strand of White(ish), bring yarn up through Black(ish) strands at  any point of the inner edge of wreath and across to opposite side; weave needle under a few strands of Black(ish). Continue in this manner, crossing inner wreath back-and-forth with White(ish) and anchoring to Black(ish). This will create web effect.

  • Hot glue plastic spiders onto wreath and web.
  • Tie a braided strand of White(ish) yarn around top of wreath for hanging.

Happy Halloween! 

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