The Mothercraft Blog!

As a mother of 3 let’s face it, much of my life revolves around parenthood. This subject is obviously, really important to me and so I’d love to start sharing more about it. I get however, that not all of my crafty readers, give a tangled yarn ball about funny kid quotes, unfortunate parenting moments, or stories from the motherhood trenches. So, in addition to the blog you’re reading right now (which will remain the hub of all things craft), I’ve started another blog, The Mothercraft–which will range in topics from kids crafts to relatable moments in the parenting world.

It’s brand, spankin’ new so there’s tons of room for growth but for now, here are some of the regular features you parental-types, can expect:
  • Mothercraft: Projects to make with and for your kids.
  • Mouths of Babes: Priceless bits of daily conversations with the kids.
  • Stitchable Quotes: One-liners that I’d stitch on a pillow, if there were enough time in the day and space in my house.
  • Untitled, stories from my experiences as a parent of kids ranging from 20 mos-11 years.
Hope to see you there!

5 Responses to “The Mothercraft Blog!”

  1. HiLLjO

    OOoH! Clover-isms!

    I’ll be there even though I don’t have babies yet. One of my favorite crafts of yours was the doodle ornament so I think I’ll like Mothercraft.

  2. Julie Witt

    I have kids that range from 26 years old down to 4 years old, and also a 2-year old grandson! I am always looking for ideas for something new to make with the little ones, so I can’t wait to read your new blog!

  3. shaun

    Be a mum is a wonderful thing and it is also enjoyable to have a kid running around the house. But in the first few months will be the hardest time period that you can ever imagine. But proper guidance and inspiration and communication, everything will flow smoothly and you will have a happy time with you little ones