The Mix

Ok, this’ll be a quick one because I’m grounding myself from my computer for the day…ok let’s be realistic, for a few hours, to work on the crochet poncho that’s due in a few days.
Big mushy-gushy thanks to everyone for the kind words about Knit Aid!  I really appreciate the love.  Also, a quick holla’ (yes, I may be the whitest person alive.  hush.) to those who’ve blogged about it so far:
Speaking of Mix Tape, have you guys read it yet?  It’s my fave, new zine.  It’s produced in Australia, but can be easily delivered to your doorstep by ordering here!
One of the mag’s publishers, Justine (who, over the months has become my web buddy, too), sent me a couple of copies last year and I was immediately hooked.  It’s smartly written, and filled with loads of great, crafty content infused with pop-culture, parental anecdotes, and eco- consciousness.   I was honored when they asked if they could interview me for their 4th issue!  It was fun to do because they asked me questions that don’t usually come up, in crafty pubs–mainly having to do with music.  Since I turned in my answers though, I’ve been having writer’s regret about bands I left out from the “Top 5 Albums” question.  I mean, I named a freakin’ yarn after Jeremy Enigk & Trent Reznor and totally forgot to mention Sunny Day Real Estate’s “Diary” and NIN’s “The Downward Spiral”!  Oy, and don’t get me started about how I totally snubbed Billie Holiday and James Taylor.  But I digress.

Ok, enjoy the article and check out the zine. You’ll totally dig it, I promise!

xo, Vickie

8 Responses to “The Mix”

  1. Theresa

    I really like Mixtape magazine – have every issue so far (found them on etsy originally). I was pleased to learn – when I preordered the latest issue – that you were to be featured. I enjoyed the little article a lot…it was fun. Also wanted you to know that I love Knit Aid – lots of good stuff!!! 🙂

  2. princesspoker

    I got my KnitAid in the mail yesterday – it’s fabulous (sung with jazz hands!). You really should go into a pun making business, you are very skilled at it. I’m teaching my friend to knit and I’ve ordered her to get her own copy of Knit Aid as a text book! Well done!!!

  3. Lil Knitter

    Got my copy of the book…LOVE IT!!
    I posted on my blog…just trying to spread the word for ya!

  4. Cait Voegeli

    That sounds like an awesome ‘zine! I’ll definitely have to check it out. Goodness knows we have enough punk zines in the house courtesy of my husband, we need some of a different variety in the house finally!

  5. pip

    Hello Miss Vickie Howell. First, I saw you on tv when i was in my jammies a few weeks ago… (you were explaining how to make a strawberry adorned vintage apron)… and then I read all about you via Justine and Nichola’s zine… and NOW.. i need to go and get your book, even though I am a crap knitter… because i can just look at the pages in wonder! Congratulations on your book and just on being really good.