The Legend of Knitty Steeks

Happy Friday, everyone! This week I got the manuscript in the mail for the upcoming Knitty Gritty Book. In case I forgot to mention this book before, it’s a collection of some of our favorite projects from the last 4 seasons of the show, along with “how-to” instruction and a ton o’ tips. Contributing guests include Karen Baumer (socks & fairl isle steeked sweater), Kelley Deal (Swiss darned tote), Candi Jensen (shrug), John Brinegar (sculptured hats), Lily Chin (sampler baby blanket), and many, many more! Look for Knitty Gritty Knits on stands January ’07.

I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that in an hour I’ll be in the car headed to a town where not one, but TWO horror flicks based on actual events were set in: The Legend of Boggy Creek and The Town That Dreaded Sundown. That’s right folks, I’ll be spending the weekend in lovely Texarkana where I’ll likely spend time obnoxiously jumping from one side of the street to the other exclaiming, “Hey, look I’m in Texas! But wait, now I’m in Arkansas!” Secretly though, I’ll be keeping an eye out for swamp creatures and staying away from anyone wearing a hood.
If any of you live in the general area, come on down and meet us at The Oasis on Saturday night. The BF and I will be there to see his friend Curt’s band, King Hat.

Hope to see you there! Seriously.


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  1. Leanne

    I love Knitty Gritty and was also wondering if the last season was going to be available on DVD? My TiVo is running out of space!
    Knit On!