The Howell Brothers Present: Dragon Attack!

Today my boys took a Stop-Motion Movie Making class through a program called, Bits, Bots & Bytes. They absolutely loved it; leaving the 3-hour course with their film debut! If you’ve got 40 seconds (ignore the 2:15-most of that’s blank screen) to spare, please give it a screening (they get so excited every time the view number goes up.;-))


4 Responses to “The Howell Brothers Present: Dragon Attack!”

  1. Krystle

    That’s such a cool class, and the end product is great! The boys should be very proud.

    I’m a big fan of your Movie Monday segment, and since you seemed to like The Golden Compass and City of Ember I think Inkheart would be right up your alley. It was on HBO this weekend, which hopefully means they’ll be re-airing it for the next few weeks. Plus, tons of great knits right off the bat. Hope you like it!