Sweet Quilting Skillz (Oh, and contest winners)

Yesterday, I took a Quilting 101 class at Craft-o-Rama with my friend Jaime. Although, I can’t say that I’m a full convert (my attention span, or lack thereof, doesn’t necessarily lend itself well to the tediousness), I did have a ton of fun and totally *heart* the table runner I made there. 

I’d been wanting to take a class for a long time so I’d know how to do the actual quilting part of the baby blanket I pieced the front together for, oh, maybe 3 years ago. Well, and also to add it to the ol’ crafty arsenal, as it were. I REALLY want a big quilt for our bed too, and am in love with all of the Denyse Schmidt designs but in the interest of time and sanity– I may just make pot holders and cards. 😉  Speaking of time, I’m almost out of it, so I’ll make this more of a pictorial post:

The Final Five
 There were a ton of fabric choices available at the store so making a life decision on which 5 (required amount for the class project) would co-mingle on my table forever was probably, the hardest part of the whole day for me!   Oh, but aren’t they delightful?!  Can you tell what color phase I’m going through right now?  My quilt totally coordinates with both my kitchen and the cover of Knit Aid (look to the right of this post.) 😉
Step 1, c’est fini!
Following a chart, we cut different length pieces and laid them out accordingly.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  my favorite (non-knitting) craft tools EVER are a rotary cutter, quilter’s square & self-healing mat.  They’re found in the quilting section of craft stores, but are applicable to a range of crafts.  I use mine a a lot to cut up strips of fabric, plastic bags, etc, before I turn them into “yarn”.

Baster’s Choice
I don’t enjoy the hand-basting so my new favorite tool find, is bent safety pins which make getting the pin through all layers without misshaping the piece, a cinch!  Who knew?  Incidentally, I also love the bent tapestry needle (I think Clover makes them) for seaming knit & crochet projects.  But I digress.

Elbow Grease

I might’ve been too short to be able to put the body weight needed to cut through both fabric & batting, for a last-minute fix.  Good thing I believe in full-body crafting!


Me with Elizabeth (the instructor), Jaime, Lisa (classmate) & all of are almost-done quilts.

As I’m typing this, I’m suddenly missing working on my beloved quilt-ette. Heh, maybe I was wrong. Who am I kidding?  I’m totally a convert, after all!

On a different note: thanks to everyone who participated in the Jelly Yarns contest!  The winners of this giveaway are (totally picked at random): FUJI MAMA & AMY!  Please e-mail your mailing info to: jellyyarns@3dimillus.com.

Since I’ve gotten back up on contests (see former post in lack of planning), I’ll already be having another one happening tomorrow.  This one’s for you parents out there!
Speaking of parenting, I’m off to pick up the kids from school!
Crafty kisses,
P.S.  For more pictures for the quilt class (including an FO shot of mine), see my Flickr Pool

8 Responses to “Sweet Quilting Skillz (Oh, and contest winners)”

  1. Lil Knitter

    Quilting is something I’ve always wanted learn too…not sure I would have the patience or attention span but MAN I do love me a quilt. Your fabric is gorgeous!

    Congrats to the winners! Thanks for the contest!


  2. Jules

    I wish we had a place around here where I could take a quilting class… It always seemed so cumbersome and I’ve yet to pick it up. I have a crush on your table runner as I love the print fabrics that you picked.

  3. Tina

    I heart those designer fabrics! The brights are spring inspiring, makes me want to create**

  4. Andrea

    Looks sooo good. I love the colors and patterns. Congrats on your quilt-ette!

  5. LIz

    I love your runner. The fabrics you picked are fabulous together and not only reminded me of your
    painted wall art project but your
    geisha painting, too.
    The runner ‘template’ could be translated into bolster-style pillows, a hanging or multiple runners into a quilt top. CRL, baby!

  6. a frog named purl

    if only i could sew a straight line! your quilt-ette looks fab. those fabrics are to die for for! how would a lassie get her hands on some fabric like that?