Sunday, Crafty Sunday

We stayed close to home for crafty purposes today. The boys turned a cardboard insert from a box, into a window for a make-believe shop they named, “Frank”. This store provided t-shirts, food, and both airplane and bus tickets. One stop shopping, if you ask me.

Meanwhile, Dave and I worked on a couple of dining area projects. He found a 1960’s set on Craigs List which would accommodate all of us for dinner plus our two moms who will be with over the holidays. It’s in great shape but I didn’t jive on the chairs’ fabric (you know, because I don’t do subtle and understated very well) so I recovered them to match the space. I bought the fabric a couple of years ago off of eQuilter not knowing what I was going to do with it, and I ended up having just enough to cover all 6 chairs. Here’s a shot of the before (left) and after(right).
Here it is set up in our kitchen. And yes, we do have a sleeper sofa in same area that we eat in. Only the best for our guests! Only the best. πŸ˜‰

And Dave’s courtesy artsy shot of our holiday center piece as well.

We also bought a new ceiling lamp from Lowe’s but again, couldn’t leave well enough alone. It was kind of a speckly flesh tone to start with so we took some silver spray paint to it.

I’ve also been working on felt x-mas stockings for the family but my %&@*! sewing machine isn’t working AGAIN, even though it just came back from the repairman. Arrgh!!

This is how I procrastinate when I’m supposed to be working. Ok, off to write and record this week’s CRL!


12 Responses to “Sunday, Crafty Sunday”

  1. Lil Knitter

    Love the fabric and it fits the color scheme just perfect. And what an awesome, craft idea with the ceiling fan…I never woulda thought! πŸ™‚
    Dang sewing machine, I wanted to see the stockings.

  2. JennM

    The new fabric for the dining room chairs is cool! And there is nothing wrong with a sofa in your kitchen. Just more seating for guests!

  3. Roe

    OMG, I LOVE that fabric!!! It rocks!

    I got this great fabric when the local Rag Shop went out of business, but alas, my chairs are plain wood. I’m now considering buying some foam inserts and using the fabric to make some funky chairs of my own! πŸ™‚

  4. YarnDork

    Love the light! Did you add glitter too? The chair story is the opposite of what happened to us several years ago…Found a mahogany set on e-bay, turned out it was in Orlando, and we were living near Tampa, rented a u-haul and drove over to get it. The chairs were covered in this nasty horrific robin’s egg blue sateen, love the color, just not with that wood. The lady we bought it from flipped one chair over to show me how easy it’d be to unscrew the seat part and re-cover them. Know what we found under there????? Hand done needlepoint. Oh my gosh. Set of 6 chairs, each was different, and the 2 “head” chairs were bigger things, they all had a flower motif. Surprise! But, yours are pretty too.

  5. Rayna Diane

    chairs look great with your walls!! although… your centerpiece is kind of understated… πŸ˜‰ good luck with the sewing machine!! grrrr! r.

  6. Vickie Howell

    Thanks, everyone!

    Gary–I know, it was a total score. We almost missed it amongst the western iron and gilded chandeliers. πŸ˜‰

    Rayna–Yeah, the centerpiece is downright respectable. I’ll clearly have to fix that. πŸ˜‰

    Yarn dork–That’s awesome that you found a little treasure in your buy!

    Missy–What’s holding you back? The worst thing that can happen is that you hate it and have to paint it back, right?

  7. Liz

    Great dining room set that looks comfy, too. Was the fabric the inspiration for the color of the wall and the wall art project you documented a few months back? It’s really wonderful.

    I’m glad to hear your boys enjoyed playing ‘store’. Oh to be a kid again….

    I am thinking a using your Easter peeps wreath as an inspiration for a Snowman peeps wreath.