Sunburst Granny Squares

Ask Me Monday with Vickie Howell

Sunburst Granny Squares

My team and I are currently on a granny square kick. Although looking back at my Pinterest account, I’ve had a “Gaga for Granny Squares” board for decade so perhaps, for me, it’s less of a kick and more of a lifestyle choice. But I digress.

This week on Ask Me Monday, I step away from my usual, memorized pattern for basic squares to show hot to crochet Sunburst Granny Squares. They’re happy, multi-stitch-filled, little motifs that are filled with maker possibilities. Watch this week’s episode of the show, practice making a square or two, then crochet a cute little can cozy (or as they say here in Texas,”coozie”). Enjoy!

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Sunburst Granny Squares Can Cozy


1 hank each, Vickie Howell for Mad | Tosh TML Unicorn Tails, in colors: (A) Heart Hands, (B) Peace Fingers, (C) Spirit Fingers, and (D) Fingers Crossed

Size E crochet hook

Tapestry needle


Fits a standard sized aluminum can.


1 square = approx 3 1/2″


Starter Puff Stitch (SP) = ch 3, [YO, insert hook in stitch and draw up loop] THREE times (7b loops on hook), YO pull through all loops; ch 1 to close.

Puff Stitch= [YO, insert hook in stitch and draw up loop] FOUR times (7 loops on hook), YO pull through all loops; ch 1 to close.

Cluster Stitch (CS) = [YO, insert hook in stitch and trap up loop, YO, pull through 2 loops] 4 times (5 loops on hook), YO pull through all loops, ch 1 to close.


Sunburst Granny Squares (Make 2):

Rnd 1: Using Color A and the Magic Circle method, ch 3 (counts dc), 15 dc in center loop. With Color B, join rnd with a sl st. — 16 sts

Cut A.

Rnd 2: With B, SP, Puff Stitch in the next st and every st around. Join rnd with a sl st.– 16 sts

Rnd 3: Sl st to first, ch-1 sp (joining Color C with the last sl st). With C, ch 3 CS , [CS, ch-1] in every ch-1 sp around. 

Rnd 4: Sl st to first ch-2 sp (joining Color D with the last sl st). With D ch 4 (counts as tr), 2 tr in same sp as ch, *3 dc in next ch-2 sp, 3 hdc in next ch-2 sp, 3 dc in next ch-2 sp, [3 tr, ch 3, 3 tr] in next ch-2 sp; rep from * TWICE more, 3 dc in next ch-2 sp, 3 hdc in next ch-2 sp, 3 dc in next ch-2 sp, [2 tr, ch 2] in the same space as beginning. Join with a sl st.

Fasten off.

Assemble cozy:

*Rejoin D at one of the squares corner, ch 3, dc 16 evenly across. Turn.–17 sts

With WS facing, join the fist square (including dc row you just stitched) with a sl st, ch 1, sc 16 evenly across. You’ll now have one long strip. Fasten off.

Rotate the piece and repeat from * at the opposite end, ultimately creating a cylinder.


Rnd 1: Rejoin D at the top-edge, ch 2 (counts as hdc), hdc 39 evenly around. Join rnd with a sl st. — 40 sts.

Rnd 2: Ch 2, *FPhdc, BPhdc; rep from * around. Join rnd with a sl st.

Fasten off.

Repeat those two rnds on the bottom of the piece.



Weave in ends.


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5 Responses to “Sunburst Granny Squares”

  1. Mary Jackson

    I absolutely love having a circle shape and turning it into a square. It’s the coolest geometric change. OK yes I geeked out on this video lol love Granny squares they are so versatile from garments to bags to home decor and now for me a can cozy which I must have on my cans. Everyone has gotten my drinkypoo cozies which I think came from you lol now they’ll get my Granny squares which I agree I am on a kick this summer for my boho self! 💕 Thanks for great videos and patterns!

  2. Ellen Lundgren

    Hi Vickie, I really want to make your sweater. I downloaded the Gerti Cardigan. Do you have a pattern or video on how you changed it. I THINK I could figure it out? Also, does it only tack one of the Real Teal Zebra stripe? Making the sweater as you did. What is the grey yarn that you used? Do you still have any in your shop?

    Ellen Lundgren
    Fuquay Varina, NC

    • Ellen Lundgren

      Hi Vickie, I can’t find your response anymore to this question. I remember that the yarn was au something or other. Very unusual name. What would you recommend for a substitute? I’ve looked around, but was not successful.


  3. name

    My question has nothing to do with crafting – I am just soooooo curious how you’ve lost weight?????!!! Via a GLP-1 Agonist???
    Thank You for information on what/how you did it :))


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