Stitch.Rock.Crochet-along Photo Recap!

L-R Noelle Corcoran (via FB), “Low Budget” (via Ravelry), “Mama Karen” (via Ravelry), “Mehere7” (via Ravelry),  “Art Like Bread” (via Ravelry)

Last weekend was the first, Stitch.Rock.Crochet-along in what I plan on being a series. The project, a quick one that’s perfect for the season: Springtime Scarf. I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s progression, as well as getting to feel like I still get to be a part of events, even with a career and 3 kids at home — I love the internet! 

Thanks to all who participated, and especially those who asked questions, offered comments, and shared pictures. Without further ado, here’s a photo re-cap of the CAL!

My creation
A few of the participants’ supplies ready to go! 

Pre-CAL Chat
“I’m excited to do a knit [sic] along! Plus I’ve never had a springtime scarf so this should be fun!”–tltyog (via Rav)

I’m in & I’m a newbie to crochet! A knitter to date!”–Penny Eaton (via FB)

“I’m in! This scarf looks FUN!”– Julia Painter (via FB)


My creation
“Chaining on!” (New term I’m trying to make big with the kids. ;-))


My creation
A few shots of crochet-alongers’ WIPs.

CAL Chat
“First row ♥”— Angela Rae (via FB)

Just getting started, also HAD to use something from the stash, Bernat Softee baby & a G hook, my girlfriends: “The Crochet Babes” are coming over tomorrow & we’re going to CAL with Vickie’s CAL!”— Roberta Thome (via FB)

Stopped off at JoAnn’s last night and my son picked out two colors for me to choose from (Grey-ish and Camel-ish). I can’t decide which I like better, so I guess I have to do two scarves! I’ll “chain on” tonight and try to keep up through the weekend.”— Mama Karen (via Rav)

“…digging this pattern, Thanks for this CAL Vickie!” — Mehere7 (via Rav)

“Thank you for a beautiful, easy, and fun pattern, Vickie!” — Art Like Bread (via Rav)

“Have made 4 scarves in the last two days. Made the last one while I was under the hair dryer.” —Rosetta Williams (via FB)

My creation

More FOs!
“Ava’s Aunt Renee” (via Ravelry)

My creation
L-R: Candyce Lucas’ (via FB), Margot Potter’s (via FB), “Memaw9’s” (via Ravelry), & “Camellia 3’s (via Ravelry)

Cathy Boha FB
Cathy Boha’s Scarves (via Facebook)

Didn’t make it for the the CAL, but still want to make the scarf? No problem! The threads (including Q&A and how-to photos) will remain up on both Facebook and Ravelry, and you can nab the pattern here.

Screenshot from Stitch.Rock.Knit-along on Facebook

Got project ideas for a future Stitch.Rock.Crochet-along? Post ’em in the comments section! 


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  1. Cami

    This is a beautiful round up for a really fun CAL! Thank you for featuring me. What an honor. 🙂 It’s a simple and great pattern. Everyone should try it! 🙂