Son of a Stitch!

My very first “official” collaboration with the amazing Tristan Howell, has hit stands!  Check out our Eco-Craft column in the current issue of KIWI Magazine for the embroidered, summer journal cover made from a recycled curtain and using my son’s artwork.

Join forces with your child, and make your own version.  It’s a great way to turn your kiddo’s masterpiece into a reusable keepsake, as well as encourage them to journal about their vacation plans, thoughts & dreams.

Tris, working on the Summer drawing.

Tris poses with his drawing next to me & the halfway done embroidered version.

The July/August issue of Kiwi can be found at your local book, health food and Target stores now!


9 Responses to “Son of a Stitch!”

  1. Jenny Cheak

    Great idea, now to translate into knitery… HMMMM I wonder 🙂

  2. Average Jane Crafter

    This is really cool! I was just talking about putting together a journal for my daughter. She’s going on a special trip with her grandparents this summer, and I wanted a fun way for her to be able to record her memories. So … perfect timing on this project!

  3. susanc

    What a great project. I’ll have to make one with my nephew who is VERY crafty and a VERY talented artist at the tender age of 9-1/2. Tristan is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for a great summer DIY project.

  4. diva mcknitster

    i saw your project in the magazine and thought it was a great idea…except my embroidering is as good as my crocheting! this would make a great “sampler” for the wall too (we’re renovating and i need some art ideas…) thanks for being an inspiration for/with your children. it gives me hope that someday i’ll be able to do this with my son too (he’s into army/pirate stuff now, little interest in arty stuff yet!)

    ps…thanks so much for the yarn! it is so yummy and i can’t wait to use it!

  5. Sonia

    Love,love,love this project!!What a great idea! Little man and I will definitely making this project. I think we will be making one for his grandma too. Tristan did a great job on his drawing, too cute!!

  6. Brandy

    what a great idea!
    (and i love your boy’s name btw, one of our boys is named Tristan also!!!!)
    i keep a folder of our boy’s art, but this is an adorable craft!
    it would make a CUTE cross stitch design, or in knitting, duplicate stitch or intarsia design!!

    i think i have a new project to start!
    sheesh you’re awe-fan-tabu-lici-oso!