Something About Nothing

Those charts & patterns have you going cross-eyed?  Before you reach for the headache meds, check out this handy little gadget I just reviewed on Craft Gossip!

In other *exciting knitting news* (reminder: *= jazz hands and/or sparkle fingers), I’ve finished a couple of the projects for Eco-Stitch and Adrienne & I have almost finalized the project list and started ordering all kinds of environmentally conscious fibers.  I love this portion of the book writing process because it involves new supplies being delivered to my doorstep.  Shortly after that stage however, comes the nausea inducing and overwhelming realization that I have to actually make things out of the piles of yarn–and fast!
Off to pick up Tristan from his Sock Monkey class.
xo, Vic

2 Responses to “Something About Nothing”

  1. Renna

    I LOVE the little gadget. I can see it being of great help to stitchers of all kinds!

  2. Paula

    Hubby may truly be cute but he is also supportive and loving and thoughtful. Hoorah for Dave