Sheep(ish) Pattern: Spooky Frutti Poncho!


You know how I loves me the Halloween, so I couldn’t resist adapting the toddler, Toodee Frutti poncho that I originally designed into a spookier version.

Spooky Frutti is make in Sheep(ish) colors: Black(ish), White(ish) and appropriately, Pumpkin(ish). To make one for your own little ghoul, simply extend the TooDee Frutti pattern by a few inches by repeating Row 17 (before adding the picot edging), and replace the pom poms with ghost tassels!

To make a ghost tassel: wrap White(ish) around your palm several times; slide off and cut the loops at one edge; wrap and tie an additional piece of yarn about 1 1/2″/4 cm from the top (uncut) end to create the head; use Black(ish) to embroider eyes onto tassel head. Repeat for 2nd tassel. Tie tassels to crochet chain (after weaving it through cowl neck).


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