See New Season of KDTV Before it Airs!


Man, time flies when you’re having fun — in the next week or so, it’ll already be time again for a new season of Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell to begin airing! This season features so many, fantastic guests! Both in studio and virtually, we bring over 30 of the world’s smartest experts and coolest, knitting & crochet designers to your living room. The line-up includes the likes of: Lily Chin, Annie Modesitt, Tommy Hilfiger’s Josh Bennett, Stitch Diva, and Knit Scene Editor, Amy Palmer. Get your front seat for the season by checking your local PBS listing for dates and time (here in Austin, TX it starts at 8:30am on 7/29).

Don’t want to wait? Feel like binge watching? Well, my friends, your wish is granted. You can get the entire season NOW on DVD or digital download. Go here for more info.



3 Responses to “See New Season of KDTV Before it Airs!”

  1. Jill Niemiec

    Hello Vicki, I just watched episode 1301 and you were fantastic! Loved all the info and guest spots. I can’t seem to locate Heather Zoppettis lace vest pattern on the KD website. Any clues on how I might be able to find it? You are a great addition to Knitting Daily! Thanks,Jill

  2. silvana

    HI Vicky love you and your show .Can you tell me the sweater with the knot on the side where you got the pattern? also i will like to knit a tablecloth can you advise me on motif or where to look for a nice and easy pattern I am new at this .You are a great host for your show ….
    I thank you in advance