Sandwich Goodness

As a newly converted vegetarian I’ve been interested in finding quick, meatless, yet still yummy lunch options. My current obsession is the sandwich–after all, woman cannot live on salad alone! With the help of a few of my favorite Morningstar products, I have three goodness-filled options that I *heart* eating so much that I thought I’d share their contents with you. Here goes:

#1: The Rancher (I had this one for lunch today with some Veggie Chips)
1 Multi-grain hamburger bun
1 Morningstar Chik Patty Parmesan Ranch (Done in the microwave in only a minute!)
1 slice Muenster Cheese
Mixed baby greens
A drizzle of Aunt Annie’s Goddess Dressing (OR garlic hummus)
A few chopped pecans (OR walnuts)

#2 Pesto V.B.L.T.
2 Pieces whole grain bread, lightly toasted
Layer of Cilantro Pecan Pesto (Availble at Central Market in Austin)
Sliced Roma Tomatoes
Mixed baby greens
3 Morningstar Veggie Bacon Strips (Cooked in a pan until it’s extra crispy)

#3 MexiCali
1 Multi-grain hamburger bun
1 Morningstar Tex-Mex Veggie Burger
1 slice of Pepper Jack Cheese
Thin layer of guacamole
Pico de gallo

While munching on your sammy, surf on over to the Knit.1 blog to check in on the Not Another Teen Knitting Book wristband knit-a-long progress. I love Tanis’ beaded option! Oh, and for those of you who missed this week’s new episode of Knitty Gritty, it’s re-airing tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon at 4:30ET/3:30CT/1:30PT.

Also, don’t forget to set your VCRs/Tivos for Monday morning’s new episode featuring the beautiful and talented Allison Whitlock, host of DIY’s new show Uncommon Threads.

On it, she’ll show us how to make some freakin’ fantastic looking throw pillows! Her stuff is seriously awesome.

Speaking of awesome, I just noticed that the Kelley Deal (from The Breeders) show already aired.

I haven’t seen the episode (did any of you?) but Kelley’s the coolest! Her Swiss Darned purse was adorable! I’m really excited that she contributed two different bag patterns to Catwalk Crochet. Hooray!
(Heheh, as I’m typing this a Pixies song just came on my iPod. Weird!)

Alright, I’m off. Have a fabu weekend!


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  1. Susan

    So i watched the Rock Star Bag episode that featured the Swiss Darning technique and loved it so much I’m making one for my sister. One huge problem; no pattern for the swiss darning, all I found were the knitting instructions for the bag, but would love the swiss darning pattern. Can someone post where it is? Thanks!!