Remember, remember the 5th of November.

Friday night driving home from seeing Great Northern (who incidentally are phenomenal live) play at Austin’s Club DeVille we saw the first signs of Christmas decorations on both public streets and a private home. I guess this means the holiday season (or at least preparations for it), has officially begun. If for you the holidays mean getting a little bit crafty, start now by making the aforementioned items from the new Michaels ad, the Candy Striper felted purse from this blog (scroll up to see) or, the soy candles from the my Eco-Craft column in the current issue of Kiwi Magazine. They’re simple to make, environmentally friendly and work perfectly as gifts for the teachers, babysitters, or office mates in your lives!

If you don’t so much want to make stuff yourself but you’d like to support others who do, join the Austin Craft Mafia Etsy and thousand of other people in taking the “Buy Handmade” pledge. For more info, go here.

If your Austin accessible, please come out to the STITCH Fashion Show & Craft Bazaar this Saturday at the convention center for even more hand made gift buying goodness. There’ll be over 100 vendors with booths and I’ll also be there hosting their video blog for them!

Thanks to everyone for your positive comments and support for last week’s debut episode of my podcast, CRL! We just finished production on this week’s “green” episode and I also interviewed Will from SNL this morning for the November 15th episode–sooo, good stuff ahead. Good stuff.


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  1. Sonia

    Was finally able to listen to your podcast this morning. Congrats!!! It was great!Love the music. I listened to it here on your site. Love the little cassette tape that popped up.Fun!! Thanks for all the crafty Christmas ideas.