I’ve given up getting any signifigant work done on my book this week. Between the kids’ schedules, today’s Austin Craft Mafia photo shoot (for Jewell,a local shopping magazine) and prepping for the next Knit.1 celeb interview, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Since my deadline for this book is September 15th though, I’m going to have to kick extra buttockus next week. Lordy.

Even though I don’t always have time to respond, I always love when people write me and/or send me crafty related pictures. Considering that even now, there are still some stereotypes of the type of person who knits though, I especially loved this photo left for me on my MySpace page a couple of days ago from a woman who made the wristbands that she and her husband are wearing.

In other non-related, not-so-much news, I recommend the new Mates of State cd, Bring It Back. Good stuff. Oh and for a good read, check out Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs–it’s both hilarious and saddening at the same time. Not that you asked, but still.

More later!,

5 Responses to “Quickie”

  1. Anonymous

    I’m super late on this, but I’ve still been thinking of show ideas I would like to see and I came up with two (that might actually be one, depending on what you did with it). I’m a faithful Knitty Gritty watcher, and like many others in the audience, I’m a wee bit fascinated by you, Ms. Howell! I’d like to see a show on things you’ve done, things you’re doing, your favorite techniques, anything you’ve designed, etc. Down the the favorite knitting bag you carry it all in, I think it would be neat to know. The next idea, similar to this one, is finding out favorites of well known designers- I’d love to know what brand of needles Annie Modesitt uses, so-and-so’s favorite knitting bag, yarn, etc.

  2. luv2stitch

    Vickie, Were the BFF wristband contest winners for your book from the Knit.1 site announced? I haven’t seen any updates over there.

  3. luv2stitch

    Were BFF Wristband contest winners for your book on the Knit.1 site announced? I haven’t seen any updates over there.