Chunky Crochet Shawl Pattern + Quick Locking Stitch Markers = TLA

Quick Lock Markers Crochet Shawl

Quick Locking Stitch Markers = Crochet Shawls’ BFF

Counting is important. Arguably in life, but definitely in crochet. Unlike with its knitting sister with her handy needle which holds all live stitches in a tidy row, crochet’s stitches are never “live” — and also, less uniformly in place. It’s so easy to miss a stitch in crochet (especially when one is *cough* binge watching, Night Manager while stitching), but important not to when trying to create a geometric shape. My first recommendation is to stop and count stitches at the end of every row. I know, snoozeville. My second, and more exciting suggestion is to use the new Clover Quick Locking Markers to help keep track of crucial stitches that create the shaping for said, well, shape.

This week I made a luscious, bohemian wrap-blanket. It’s a triangle, designed to start with just a few stitches at the tip and open up outward as you move along. The most important thing to keep track of in order for this project to work is where the center point of each row is, so you’ll know where to increase. This seems simple enough, but when you’re working with a yarn that has any texture at all, and/or working shorter stitches (like hdcs) one stitch can sometimes be a little tricky to track down. This is where Quick Locking Stitch Markers come in. 

Place a Quick Locking Stitch Marker on the first center stitch of the piece. As you progress, move the marker to the appropriate place to ensure your increases are happening where they should be. If the marker’s off, you’ll know that your stitch count is, too.

SIDE NOTE: You’ll notice the wiggly leg of the marker helps hold it in place, even when the marker isn’t shut. This makes using them fool proof, because you don’t have to worry about the marker accidentally slipping off your shawl!

So grab some scrumptious yarn, an Amour crochet hook (my favorite!), and some Quick Locking Stitch Markers, and get stitching towards some shawl success, people!


Chunky Triangle Shawl 


3 Hanks Knit Collage Spun Cloud (100% Wool; 100 yds), in color: Fog Heather — or equivalent bulky, thick & thin yarn.
12 mm Clover Amour Crochet Hook

Clover Quick Locking Stitch Markers (Medium)

Clover Jumbo Tapestry Needle

Quick Locking Stitch Markers

NEW: Clover Quick Locking Stitch Markers are perfect for keeping track on increases in a crochet project like this one!



72″/183 cm wide — excluding fringe

34″/86 cm deep — excluding fringe


Approx 8 sts = 4″/10 cm in (hdc, ch-1) stitch pattern.




Ch 4.

Row 1 (RS): [(Hdc, ch 1) 3 times, hdc] in 4th ch from hook (skipped ch counts as first hdc and ch-1 sp), turn. –5hdc, 4 ch-1 sps

Note: Place Quick Locking Stitch Marker in center hdc. Move marker to keep track of center grouping stitch as work progresses.


Row 2: Ch 4 (counts as dc and ch-1), dc in first st, ch 1, sk next ch, dc in next hdc, ch 1, sk next ch (dc, ch 1) 3 times in center hdc, sk next ch, dc in next hdc, ch 1, sk next ch, (dc, ch 1, dc) in last st, turn. –9 dc, 8 ch-1 sps


Quick Locking Stitch Marker Center

Row 3: Ch 3 (counts as hdc and ch-1), hdc in first st, ch 1, sk next ch, *hdc in next dc, ch 1, sk next ch** ; repeat from * to ** across to center dc, (hdc, ch 1) 3 times in center st (center group); rep from * to ** to last st, (hdc, ch 1, hdc) in last dc, turn. –13 hdc, 12 ch-1 sps

Row 4: Ch 4, dc in first st, ch 1, sk next ch, *dc in next hdc, ch 1, sk next ch ** across to center st, (dc, ch 1) 3 times in center st (center group), sk next ch; rep from * to ** to last st, (dc, ch 1, dc) in last st, turn. — 17 dc, 16 ch-1 sps

Row 5: Repeat Row 3. — 21 hdc, 20 ch-1 sps

Row 6: Ch 5 (counts as tr and ch-1), tr in first st, ch 1, sk next ch, *tr in next hdc, ch 1, sk next ch** across to center st, (tr, ch 1) 3 times in center st (center group), sk next ch; rep from * to ** to last st, (tr, ch 1, tr) in last st, turn. –25 tr, 24 ch-1 sps


Adding multiple Quick Locking Stitch Markers offers a great visual reference, to ensure your center point (and stitch count) is where it should be!


Rows 7-8: Repeat Row 3. — 33 hdc, 32 ch-1 sps

Row 9 (RS): Ch 5 (counts as tr and ch 1), tr in first st, ch 1, *sk next (ch, hdc, ch), tr in next hdc, ch 1, tr in sk tr, ch 1** repeat from * to ** across to center grouping, tr in first hdc of grouping, sk ch, (tr, ch 1) 3 times in center st, sk ch, tr in last st of grouping, ch 1, repeat from * to ** to last hdc, (tr, ch 1, tr) in last st, turn. — 37 tr, 36 ch-1 sps

Row 10: Repeat Row 3. — 41 hdc, 40 ch-1 sps

Repeat Rows 6- 10, twice more. — 81 hdc, 80 ch-1 sps

Note: On some repeats of Row 9 there won’t be an even number of sts to cross before the center grouping. In that case, simple work 1 tr on either side of the center grouping.

Repeat Rows 6-7, once more. — 89 hdc, 88 ch-1 sps.

Fasten off.


Messy Braid Fringe (Make 29):

  • Cut 3, 24″/61 cm strands of yarn. Holding strands together, fold in half. Insert crochet hook through RS of shawl edge; lay yarn at the folded point over the hook. Pull yarn through, from back to front, just enough to create loop. Set aside hook and use hands to fold the loop over the edge of the project, pulling the ends of the yarn through the loop. Pull tight-ish.
  • You’ll now have 6 strands hanging (3 stands folded). Separate into 3 groups of 2 strands; loosely braid halfway down fringe, and pull to make messy. Use one strand to wrap and tie braid off. Trim and fray ends.
  • Repeat process, attaching 29 fringe bunches evenly (every 3rd ch-sp gap) across shawl edge.

Weave in ends.


download pdf of pattern now

ENTER TO WIN: Quick Locking Stitch Markers


I have a couple of packs of the NEW Clover Quick Locking Stitch Markers to give away. To enter, just post a comment telling us if you’ve ever used removable stitch markers before (for knitting, crochet, weaving, etc.), and if so, what did you use them for? Comments should be posted by 10PMCST on January 23rd.



43 Responses to “Chunky Crochet Shawl Pattern + Quick Locking Stitch Markers = TLA”

  1. Lorie

    Have always loved the Clover locking markers, use them for markers while knitting, to mark a bad spot or dropped stitches, even use the larger one for thumb stitches as a stitch holder!

  2. Leslie

    I have never used a stich marker before. I have recently started crocheting again after a good 15 year break. The messy bun beanie was too irresistible not to try! I’m happy to say now I’m hooked (haha) on crochet again! I made a few hats, a sloppy shawl and now I’m working on a throw blanket, that is so far the best thing I’ve ever done. I love the look of this shawl! I am adding it my list of upcoming projects, when I do make it I will try the stich markers! πŸ™‚ I watch Knitting Daily and yes, I do try to knit or crochet daily πŸ™‚

  3. Courtney Goldin

    I use stitch markers mainly for bigger projects. The interlocking stitch markers would be easier as they wouldn’t allow the working yarn to sneak in or the stitch marker to grab more than one stitch.

  4. Michelle

    Stitch markers are a must, especially when trying to knit or crochet with three kids interrupting all the time. I use them for marking the start of a round, decreases, increases, and for holding the last stitch of a crochet project if I stash it in a bag.

  5. Kristen

    Love Clover products! I’ve been home crocheting on medical leave since the start of November. I wish I had some of these stitch markers, I’ve been tying leftover scraps of wool to mark my place. They work but arent easy to reuse.

  6. suzanne

    I use stitch markers for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING !! These are soooo cute !!! I used to use safety pins, but then one day it got stuck in my yarn and almost ruined my project. CLOVER is the best !

  7. Lori Kramer

    Yes, I’ve used stitch markers before when crocheting in the round (spiral), but I haven’t tried the Clover Quick Locking ones. I would love to try them! I am starting on this shawl today! I have some lovely soft black yarn I found in a mill ends bin and I’m hoping it’s the right thickness. Thanks so much for the free pattern and chance to win the stitch markers!

  8. Suzie

    I put one in my ear on the day after the election…couldn’t find a safety pin, and wanted my LGBTQ coworkers to know that I had their back! Stitch markers are handy everywhere!

  9. Lynne Wahnefried

    I have never used this type of marker but would love to win so I can try it! I usually just mark with a different color yarn but that is tedious!

  10. Jeanette Thal

    I’ve used all kinds of stitchmarkers for both knitting and crocheting. I tend to use the locking ones more for crochet because I can mark the exact stitch. I also use the locking ones for wrap and turn so I’m sure to pick up the wrap.

  11. Chris Lopez

    I use stitch markers all the time. They’re great as reminders for pattern repeats. I always use them when I’m doing a rib pattern so I don’t zone and forget to purl or knit. I made a cabled infinity scarf right before the holidays and would have been lost without my markers. I have been making black hats and a marker was great to help me see when I got back to my starting single crochet! The list goes on and on!

  12. Trish

    I always use stitch markers. They’re awesome for placing a marker to mark the beginnning stitch when knitting/crocheting in the round. I also use the locking ones to keep track of row numbers; ie, every ten rows, I will mark, etc.

  13. Jessie radtke

    I love to use them when casting on. I place a marker every 25 stitches, or chains, so I don’t have to count the whole row over and over!

  14. Deb

    I haven’t used these markers but have used others to mark the beginning of a round or right side of project. Also to mark placement for pieces.

  15. Joanne

    I’ve never used stitch markers! But I’m willing to give it a try!

  16. Donna

    I have some stitch markers. Didn’t know how to use them. I had to research to figure out how to use them. I use them mostly for counting my foundation chain stitches when I crochet large afghans. So I don’t have to repeat counting from the beginning if I forget how many stitches I did. I am learning to knit also, and noticed how much easier it is to use them with knitting than with crochet.

  17. Mayrlene

    Use them to mark the beginning stitch and to hold my spot when I put my knitting down.

  18. Shena

    I love the ability to take them out and move them whenever you need to! I use them to mark where I need to increase and decrease on shawls and hats πŸ™‚ I’ve used them in both crochet and knitting πŸ™‚

  19. Katie Saxton

    I use Clover locking stitch markers with almost every project I make. Hats, scarves, shawls. They are the best way to keep track of pattern changes, stitch counts and sometimes even the unfortunate dropped stitch. How does one knit or crochet without them?

  20. Margay Roberge

    I’ve used them for a lot of different things, like afghans – they’re great for marking spots for color changes in intarsia, I love them!

  21. Barbara Garrett

    I use Clover stitch markers all the time to mark the decreases when knitting hats. They are also great for marking the right side of wips.

  22. Kris

    I love these locking stitch markers!! I have used them on Tunisian crochet, so I can see the end of the row. Also, have used on crochet bowls to indicate the beginning of the round. Also, in knitting, especially when knitting lace. Helps me soooo much. Love the colors these makers come in, so are visible on whatever my current project is, or to keep my place when having to put a project down.

  23. Heather R

    I always use stitch markers. I mostly use it to hold my stitch when I’m not working on my project (crochet) but I also use them as counters.

  24. Cindy Kane

    I use clover removable stitch markers for cowls and other knitting projects.

  25. Kathleen McCall Lynch

    I love using stitch markers for knitting and crochet. Especially for bigger projects to help keep track of stitch count. I’ve never had this type though. I’d really like to make this shawl so it’s a perfect excuse to get these stitch markers. I might as well get new yarn too. I have chunky yarn but not this chunky yarn. 😊

  26. Raena Graham

    The locking stitch markers are my favorite. I use them for knitting and crochet projects. They work perfect for staying in the stitch and are very easy to move around increases and decreases.


    I use stitch markers to hold squares together and mainly to remember stitch changes.

  28. Kayla

    I have split ring stitch markers, and I use them for almost every crochet project. In addition to using them to mark important stitches (for shaping and such), I place a marker at the end of each row I finish. Tgis lets me know how many rows I’ve completed. I also use them when I make a starting chain (or foundation single crochet, etc.). It’s so easy for me to lose count, so I place a marker every ten stitches to make sure I have the right number at the start.

  29. Debbie

    I use stitch markers a lot – for both knitting and crocheting. These look like they’d be really useful! Love the colors, too.

  30. Jane Rogers

    Hi I don’t have any stitch markers so I usually use a piece of yarn to mark spots in both knitting and crocheting. Jane

  31. Deborah Russo

    I have locking stitch markers but not like these! Need them for my knitting!

  32. Dulcy Harris

    Removable stitch markers are the greatest thing EVER! I’ve used them for both knitting and crochet, for marking repeats or increases/decreases! Also, they are handy when taking a break in crocheting to put through your loop so none of your stitches unravel!

  33. Cheryl Shook

    I’ve used markers to help with increase or decrease in crochet and to help me number how man rows.

  34. Tracy

    I use removable stitch markers to keep track of changes in a pattern when I knit and Crochet. Great place keepers.

  35. Kasey

    Hi, My name is Kasey. I’ve been crocheting since I was 9 (20 yrs), and I’ve never used stitch markers. Whew, it feels good to get that off my chest. These would have saved a lot of headache on so many projects haha

  36. Lisa

    Help! I guess I’m not understanding what chain to start the first half double crochet in…. Thank you for any help

  37. Cami Weaver

    I use them to mark and count stitches and rows as well as attaching project tags that show the name of the pattern, hook size used, yarn used and any special notes.

  38. Sylvia

    Just started using stitch markers a short while ago for my crochet projects. They help a lot plus started adding a bead with a letter for my hook size, a tip from someone on a crochet site. 😊

  39. Amanda

    I love removable markers for crocheting. I only have a few metal ones, which tend to snag sometimes. I use them whenever I crochet though. Hats, scarves, cowls, slippers!!

  40. Cindy

    Most recently I have used stitch markers for a bridal shawl I crocheted. I used them to mark the middle point of the rows. The ones I have aren’t as nice as the clover since mine may snag the fiber if it’s delicate. I would love to win some Clover removable stitch markers πŸ˜€ P.S. Knitting Daily has been showing up on my DVR lately and I love re-watching them!