Pre-Summer Giveaway!

I’ve never really been much of a summer-lovin’ kind of gal.  Growing up in a beach town, you’d think that I’d be all about the mid-year rays.  I so, totally am not. I blame this on a string of immobilizing sunburns obtained in my tween and teen years (while attempting to keep up with my blond, baby-oil lathered, tan skinned friends) and the Casper references often directed my way whenever I made an outdoor appearance.  Alas.  What can I say, I’m Irish (or rather, “Spirish” as my Spanish father explained was the term for the convergence of the two sides of my heritage.)  I mean, my people are made for cool, misty moors –not dry, unforgiving, sweltering heat!  I’d become a vampire, but my vegetarianism is potentially problematic for blood-sucking survival.  Alas, again.

If I had it my way living in Austin (which ironically is summer for a good 6 months of the year), I’d live in some self-induced state of bio-domedom.  As a parent of young children though, inevitably around this time every year, I have to come to grips with the fact that trips to the pool, day camps, and nature-filled play dates are in my near future.  Alas, thrice.
If you can’t beat ’em though, join ’em–and while you’re joining them, you might as well accessorize.  Start planning now (wait, did I just use the “p” word?), and knit yourself the perfect waterproof bag for toting around a hat, sunscreen &  bottle of water.  How, pray tell, do you do that you ask?  Well my poolside pumpkins, you’ve got a couple of choices!
You can run right out and grab a copy of Not Another Teen Knitting Book, featuring this purse made from that same plastic lacing that you might’ve made lanyards from as a kid (I never actually went to summer camp, but I’ve heard lore that said lanyards were the craft of choice there.)

OR, you might want to choose from the plethora of color and style choices of fiber thin, plastic yarns from Jelly Yarns ! These came out right around the time my book came out and I remember thinking, “Man, I wish these had been around when I was making the Spring Break bag–look at all the colors!” 
This yarn is perfect for all of your summer-y needs, as it is durable, waterproof, and will work for anything from flip-flops to yoga bags!  Oh, and note to parents: THERE’S A GLOW IN THE DARK OPTION (of which I’m definitely going to need to get for trick-or-treat bag making, later in the year!)
As part of my Knit Aid release countdown, I have yet another giveaway for you!  Get started on your own, beach-bound booty now by letting your fingers do the walking over to the JY site and/or posting here now for your chance to win one of their great, Jelly purse kits.
Two lucky stitchers will get supplies needed to make either one of the below pictured bags.
Crocheted Black Heart Purse Kit

Knitted Small Market Bag Kit

What are you waiting for?  Post.  C’mon, everyone does it. 😉  Winners will be chosen via a drawing and notified on Monday.

Good luck & happy Friday!
P.S.  If your posting under “Anonymous” you WILL NOT be eligible unless you sign your name at the bottom of the post.  Thanks!

52 Responses to “Pre-Summer Giveaway!”

  1. Lil Knitter

    Freaky timing…I’m just finishing an Everlasting Bagstopper in cotton for use at the pool. I had no idea the plastic yarn even existed! It’s the perfect thing for the kids to tote their stuff to the pool and back!
    The heart purse it totally cute but I can’t crochet…tried and tried but just can’t get it.

    Count me in…PULEEEEZ!!


  2. Erin Myrdahl

    I crochet and knit and I love all the options I have with this hobby. I have been in school full time and I am a momma of two, so knitting to me is my escape and relaxation time!!!! I love the heart purse!!! I will definately have to get the jelly yarn and make totes for my sisters!!!

  3. MamaKaren

    I have a tote bag and pattern that I designed a few years ago that I can adapt to be perfect for using these yarns! The original pattern is a felted one, but I could make a beach-y version with Jelly Yarn.

    [Note to self, purchase a skein to play with for gauge, etc. in order to make prototypes before the pool opens for summer…]

  4. amy

    both of those bags are sooooo cool. a summer pool bag out of plastic? genius!

  5. Laurie

    I used to love making laynards with gimp (does anyone else call it gimp?) at girl scout camp. Who knew they made it yarn-style? Awesome.

  6. Anonymous

    I had no idea jelly yarn was out there. Very cool! Happy Spring and summer here we come. Jennie Gift (jennie@paxton.com)

  7. cdnbull

    I was at the zoo yesterday and was wishing I had a bag for my water bottle,sunscreen etc that was cute and zoo/beach friendly. I would love either jelly bag kit. Both look like a blast to knit or crochet.

  8. Jennifer

    Wow, this stuff is so cool. I want some now! Thanks for showing us new things out there! I continue to be inspired by all the cool things out there just waiting to be knit up!


  9. Jennifer

    This is great! Count me in. So many great things just waiting to be knit up! Thanks again for giving us links to new, fun stuff!

  10. Karen L.

    Would love to win one of these bags. I am getting ready to crochet a bag made from plastic grocery bags. Karen L.

  11. sandition

    I’ve always dreaded summer. That’s one reason I left Texas and moved to Seattle. I’ve been overweight for years now, and I always hated exposing myself in summer clothes. But I’ve lost 40 pounds and am starting to feel better about myself. I love riding bikes with my family. So now I can’t wait for summer! I am also enjoying working on some summery knits and can’t wait to wear them.

  12. Shelby

    I used to love making those lanyards as a kid, but I think a bag would be infinitely more useful!

  13. Hammons

    Love the idea of knitting a water-proof bag. I take knitting projects with me where ever I go and am always fighting the weather and other elements. This is absolutely a great idea. Thanks for continuously offering new ideas and exciting me about knitting.

  14. Becky

    Count me in!

    I remember you working on that plastic lanyard bag at SNB right before pictures were being taken for your book. Very cool!

  15. Anonymous

    These bags are so great!! My granddaughter would love them! (djay56@gmail,com)

  16. KnittinKitten

    Until now I’ve used nylon cord for my shoulder-hung water bottle carriers. These always had to be crocheted. But with plastic yarn just think of the knitting possibilities!

  17. Becka the Spoiled Knitter

    Oh My! Plastic yarn! How cool is that?! I am going to have to knit something with it…it would be cool to win the knit bag, too! But, either way, gotta try it! And, I’m an “indoors, stay cool” kinda girl, but I’ve GOT to try this yarn!! Thanks for the heads up!

  18. Sonia

    Fun!!! This will go so well with my daughter’s duct tape wallet.:)

  19. kaykatrn

    As the daughter and mother of redheads, I can send a lot of sympathy your way. I may not have the hair, but I do have the skin, and have had my fair share of nasty burns–lived in coastal CA most of my life.

    I love the idea of the glow-in-the-dark Jelly. Can’t wait for Halloween, too!
    Please enter me in the drawing so that maybe I won’t bust my budget buying more yarn. Thanks a bunch!

  20. ScrapHappy

    As a child of the 80’s I recall wearing jelly shoes during a hot California summer – and having them melt as I crossed a particularly toasty stretch of pavement! 🙂
    Ah, the memories. Would love to experience them again with Jelly Yarn. 😉

  21. ihchicky

    I would love to win the Knitted Small Market Bag Kit. It is super cute. I know I would get a ton of use out of it. Thank you.

  22. Jen

    Plastic yarn? You mean I can stop stealing grocery bags and spending hours cutting them up? Rad!

  23. Laurie


    I have never entered one of these drawings before… but I LOVE those bags. How darling!!

  24. Voxless

    I’ve really been wondering what the Jelly yarn would be like to knit with. I may have to give in, grow my stash and give it a try!

  25. Colleen

    Interesting –plastic yarn. Definitely something I would try. I love the idea of using it for a beach/pool bag.

  26. mskity

    looks like fun would love to try the yarn. I think the bag is cute also when I say it I was thinking I needed to make one for the beach trips and other places I take my yarn and needles with me…. always

  27. jaclynbailey

    I used to love those lanyards! I must have made over 100 keychains! It would be fun to work with it again to make bags for my pool trips!

  28. Hanna

    Wow, yeah, I’ve totally been eyeballing that jelly yarn trying to decide if i could design a pattern with them to recreate the jellies experience (even though I don’t recall it being that pleasant). Yay nostalgia!

  29. diva mcknitster

    vickie, i feel your pain about tanning. i’m scotch-irish with freckles and i can sit outside for 5 minutes and get a burn! i wish they made SPF 100 cos i STILL get burned using 50!

    i’d love to try jelly yarn. it reminds me of licorice!

  30. Carly Wagner

    Ok so I do already have Not another Teen knitting book(i am not trying to brown nose or anything i also have ALL ypur books haha wink wink),but i would love free yarn or jelly yarn and a pattern FREE is always a PLUS!!!!!!!!Thanks for all you do for knitters!!!!YOU ROCK!!!!