Post about nothing.

Recently my husband told me about how a critic on one of the movie sites he frequents ended a post with, “Has Will Smith ever done a movie that he doesn’t say, ‘Aw, hell no.’ in? It’s a valid question, I think. I would venture to say that since his 1993 performance in Six Degrees of Separation, the answer is likely, no. Don’t quote me on that, though.
That question led me to one of my own: Does John Cusack have it in his agency contract that he will only do movies that include at least one scene with him standing drenched, and looking heart-broken in the rain? These are the things that I lie in bed thinking about at night. Well those, and this stuff:

1. “Get an updated passport, you’re working in Vancouver in 8 weeks!” I’m going to be a guest on the new HGTV Canada show, She’s Crafty. The bleach blond photo from my 1996 passport obtained for a trip to Paris, clearly isn’t going to cut it. Not to mention that my name then was, Vickie Carole Montoya. “Montoya” is sooooo 1990’s. Clearly I’ve changed my name twice since then. πŸ˜‰

2. What came first, couple’s losing their individual identities or the creation of co-names like, “Bennifer” & Brangelina”? What would mine and my husband’s be? Davic? Vicid? Vave? Pass.

3. “Vickie, get thee to the gym. You’re shooting the Knitty Gritty Special in a few weeks and man, those pants are tight.” If only I could figure out how to burn calories, while knitting on the couch.

4. I really need a good book to read. I’m in the mood for a page turner. Maybe a psychological thriller…

5. I should probably be working a little harder on plans for our post-elopement party since, it’s in ONE MONTH. Oy. We’re using all mismatched thrift store dishes and vintage table cloths. Do I want cloth napkins, too? If so, do I then need napkin rings? Centerpieces. What to do?

6. How long can I be in denial about the need to paint my kitchen?

7. I wish I was bionic and could produce a new knitted garment/pattern every day. That would be awesome. I would totally have my own theme music, too. Ch-ch-ch-ch.

8. Man, yesterday’s TheView was brutal. I wonder when the “Team Rosie”/”Team Elizabeth” shirts will be available? πŸ˜‰

It’s been quiet out there for the past week or so. Post here, people, I need knitting break entertainment. πŸ™‚ What’s everyone working on?

If you’re looking for something to listen to in the background while you’re working, they just put up the podcast of the panel I was on with Jenny Hart and others at SXSW. You can listen to it here.

Until next time,

34 Responses to “Post about nothing.”

  1. Kristina

    Vickie, just wanted you to know that I really enjoy your Knitty Gritty show! This last season was phenomenal!!! Cookie, Cat, both Stephanies! I loved it! I TIVO it everyday and watch both the HGTV and DIY versions, even if I’ve already seen them…Also, I love the new variegated yarn – so beautiful. Keep up the good work and keep putting the cool face on knitting!!


  2. Pattie

    I’d suggest knitting while walking on the treadmill, but one stray ball of yarn and you’d have a tangled mess. Not good.

    John Cusack looks so GOOD in the rain. And yes, in “Better Off Dead” he looks forlorn, just not in the rain…

  3. Brenda

    I just listened to the boss lady panel podcast. What a great session! Probably one of the most useful SXSW panels I’ve ever heard. Crafty ladies rock!

  4. Anonymous

    Well, my knit1, sports edition, came in yesterday and i love it. Yes it is late, but the knit1 ladies rushed it to me and I am happy. The green issue should be here soon. Loved your article! planning on making the halter sweater dress, but on my 5’10” frame, it will be a perfect shirt over skinny jeans with wedge peep toe pumps. And the ruffle skirt is a must. The view was brutal and man am i going to miss rosie. It is hard to imagine you as a blond because the red suits you so well. one more thing, when will the new shows air? I need my fix.

  5. robyn

    quiet, huh? let’s see if i can help. i’m currently knitting a pair of socks for my mom, a baby blanket for kenya, and preemie hats. too much on the needles!

    a good page turner? angels and demons, by dan brown (of davinci code fame).

    and you can be in denial about the need to paint your kitchen for a very long time. i was for like four years!

    cloth napkins? only if you can find some fun ones at thrift stores to “match” your thrifted plates. in which case i’d say no to the napkin rings, and put them in the drinking glasses instead all cutie, with the silverware as well. it can actually look rather formal this way!

  6. Vada

    I love random posts! Yeah randomness! Yes it’s a word, πŸ™‚

    I haven’t been knitting too much, because I’m graduating tomorrow! I’m so excited!

    Afterwords I plan on knitting up a lot of stuff, including a few of your patterns!

  7. Sonia

    OK I don’t I had a problem getting to your blog yesterday. I did send you a comment on Monday but it didn’t posted. Then I realized you didn’t have any post so now I’m wondering what the problem is. I have to run out now but wanted you to know.

  8. Vickie Howell

    Brenda, Thanks a lot! We really enjoyed speaking on it. It was a great experience. πŸ™‚

    Sonia, Apparently we were having minor technical difficulties over here. I wasn’t getting any comments sent to me! Sorry about that.

    Vada, Congratualtions!

    Robyn, I’ve read Angels & Demons and it was good. Actually, I think I’ve read all of Dan Brown’s books. πŸ™‚
    Yeah, putting the napkins in the glasses is a good idea. I need to jump on Ebay to see if I can get a huge lot of napkins. Jennifer Perkins is letting me use the vintage table cloths from her wedding. Yippeee!

    xo, Vickie

  9. Sonia

    So need to learn how to type haha I looked at my last post and realized I had typing issues.:) So anyway wanted say definitely get the passport thing taken cared of,my friends they are experiencing all kinds of wait times and delays. Also have you read any of Maggie Sefton’s books. She writes a knitting mystery series. I love to read them plus you get a knitting pattern and a recipe in each book. Also Knitting Under the Influence is good summer chic book. Can we say hooked on knitting…haha
    I wish I could create a pattern I haven’t gotten them skills yet.
    Luckily for me their are great patterns out there, lately I have been on a huge sock binge, they’re great to travel with.

  10. Monika

    I love your random posts too. And when you figure out the answer to #3 let me know, we could market it and make a fortune.

    #8….brutal is putting it nicely, it was hard to watch and we now get the added pleasure of having to watch it over and over again on every news and commentary show on TV. Like it wasn’t bad enough the first time around.

  11. michelle

    i just read “The Conjurers Bird” recently, and enjoyed it very much.

    and i’m working on the final draft of the first knitting pattern i have ever written. DANG that pattern writin’ is a lot more work than ya might think. plus takin’ the photos to go with the words.

    i hear ya about the gym, i keep avoiding workinf out because it cuts in to the knitting time. and i don’t know if there are enough hours in the day for all the knitting ideas crammed in my head.

    How the heck do ya do it, Vicki?

  12. Stacy

    Just love all your posts!

    Hey, have you read Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts (I heard Johnny Depp bought the film rights)
    or Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra? Crazy stuff but so good.

    Stacy in Seattle

  13. Princess Poker

    Hey Vickie! I always love me a good Dean Koontz book! The Odd Thomas books are especially good.

    Anyhoo, I have a project I am working on from your show, and I have a predicament. First off, I decide to knit the sweater where you do your own formulas instead of a pattern. Once I picked out the chunky yarn and knit enough to try on I realize how HOT this is going to be to wear at the end of May. So I am making it a little half cardigan with short sleeves. The problem is the neckline is pretty big. I was wondering if I could do something to the neckline to make it fit better so it’s not falling off my shoulders? Any suggestions? I am proud of it though, because it’s my first garment and although slightly big it pretty much fits! YAY!

  14. knitting harvest

    A terrific page turner and a book that I look forward to reading again is The Time Traveler’s Wife. Intense, emotional, heartbreaking, and jawdropping. Good luck with the party, I feel that your craftiness will guide you well in the decorating.

  15. Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl)

    Heya Vickie! I love Random Posts! LOL!! I chuckled when I heard your name Montoya, Only because we have a friend who’s last name is Montoya!

    I’m knitting another Halter type top for my baby girl and an afghan and I just finished a bag keeper for w**-Mart sacks. But next payday I’ll be knitting that awesome new baby dress pattern you have up!

    My Kitchen needs painting too.. OOOOLD ancient house it is.. Maybe we can help each other paint? LOL!!

    Have a great week!!


  16. Kelvis

    Um, under the category of “co-names” you seem to have forgotten my personal fav. DICKIE!!! Come on. It’s fun. Say it with me now. DICKIE!

    You best call me when you are in town shooting KG. There’s a little rug rat that wants to drool on you.

  17. Melinda

    Vic – Can you knit standing up? Maybe you could work a little hip burning shimmy into your knitting?

    Centerpieces: it might be fun to have thrift store vases full of markers and cards so people could leave you messages. Or old magazines and glue sticks so the tables could make collages…with glitter! (I’m sorry, I’m 8 in my heart.)

  18. dragon knitter

    item # 3: it is possible to ride a recumbent exercise bike and knit at the same time. ask me how i know.

    item #4. The thirteenth Tale. Diane Settersfield. I listened to it on book tape, and it BLEW. MY. MIND. good stuff.

  19. Celena

    Today I’m casting on the Dream Swatch Head Scarf that Scout wore on Knitty Gritty. I LOVE that thing and just ran across the pattern on the internet. Yay for the internet! πŸ™‚ I’m also working on a set of matching game cards from your book for my nephews. They are big John Deere fans so I making them in yellow and green.
    Aren’t Dan Brown’s books awesome? I’ve read them all too. Have you read the Harry Potter books? Someone talked me into trying one out and before long I had read every single one of them. Definitely not just for kids.

  20. Sonia

    Oh I had an idea for you for party. For my wedding I used small potted day lilies( you could use your favorite flowering plant) I got mine from Lowes and just wrapped the bottom with pretty paper and a ribbon then gave them away as the party favors and the end of the night( they were small enough so I could group them together to make the centerpieces) that way my guests could plant them or re pot when they got home.
    Knitting socks gives a person a lot of thinking time. Plus when I’m not knitting I always planning some party, currently I’m planning my husband retirement party from the military.Have a great weekend.

  21. kyleeCTmom

    Knitting: A 2×2 rib scarf in salmon, magenta and white. Trying to come up with a Fibonacci inspired scarf (different patterns for a Fibonacci about of rows/inches) a total work in progress. Just finished a Kimono Layette that I have to wash and post in my shop.

    Books: Robyn stole my suggestion, but since you’ve read it already, no biggie. How about Abduction. I think it’s Robin Cook.


  22. tina

    Working on? Believe it or not out of some whisper from the universe (and reading the Good Yarn books from Debbie Macomber) I am knitting again. I have to tell you, it’s been a LONG time, but yes, just like riding a bicycle! πŸ™‚ I ordered two new books, bought Denise needles, and am knitting the fabulous little felted purse that calls it’s name!

    An addiction is re-born!

    Woo Hoo!

  23. bevq

    Hi Vickie,
    I don’t get to watch TV too often but I do watch your show when I can and always enjoy it.

    I might have missed it, but have you ever featured a show on Humanitarian Knitting? It’s my passion, well, knitting and crocheting for charity.

    I have free patterns on my website for anyone who is interested in starting this wonderful world of Charity Knitting.

    Bev’s Country

    Your blog looks wonderful! I know I will get lost on here. Thanks
    Bev Q

  24. Cheryl G.

    Glad to hear the blogger was down. I thought it was strange that my post never made it up. I’m knitting a pair of socks (just learning how), a sense and sensible-knitty scarf in Andi and Blaine, and a cute cabled sweater vest for my 7 month old little wee bebe boy who is a tank and is bursting out of 12month clothes. My dear hub is 6’5.5″ so he gets it honestly. Ooh, sorry for the ramble. Can’t wait to see the special on HGTV and I’m looking forward to more new KG shows.

  25. Kelly

    Hey Vickie,
    Right now I’m working on a blanket that my 12 year old daughter requested. It’s getting REALLY hot here though, so I’m going to take a break on that one soon I think. I’m a newish knitter and have only made flat/rectangular things so far. I’m trying to get the courage up to try something three dimensional! : )

  26. Lanna

    New knitter, just tuned into your show on DIY, love it, love you! OMG, am getting some good ideas to knit. I actually just finished a really neat book that helped urge me into trying this knitting addiction, ikts called ‘Knitting under the influence.’ Must dash now, later!

  27. Pam

    I totally loved this post, I can relate to so many things you said, the ‘post about nothing’ is really the post about everything. Knot on. -Pam

  28. Sanya

    1. Can’t help but think about “The Princess Bride”…

    2. Can’t stand those combo names.

    3. I told my sweetie that I need a treadmill so I can exercise and knit. I CAN walk and knit but I’m just not an out-of-door kind of girl. πŸ˜€

    4. Have you read Kay Hooper’s FBI/Paranormal thrillers?

    5. When I was a girl I always dreamed of throwing fabulous parties. Enter reality…

    6. My kitchen is white. The cabinets are white. The appliances are white. But it’s okay because every other room in the house is white. (Yes, we bought it this way – two years ago – and have never gotten around to painting.)

    7. How cool would that be? I could finish all those projects for birthdays, not to mention my sister’s wedding, and I could finally make something significant for myself!

    8. If you can’t say something nice… *shrug*

    HGTV needs to air your show 5 days a week so I can get fresh episodes!

  29. Roe

    Your random posts rock, Vickie! I’m totally in denial about my own kitchen; I’ve even blogged it, hoping to get some ideas – and then promptly went on to another project.

    How do you feel about sci-fi? I’ve been reading The Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher and they’re pretty awesome.

  30. Vickie Howell

    Wow guys, thanks for all the book recs! I’m totally making a list. Re: Dan Brown books, I was really bummed after reading the 2nd (Angels & Devils) one that the formula was exactly the same as the first one (Di Vince Code)I read, as goes for the 3rd (Digital Fortress). Kind took the wind out of the suspense of it for me. Bummer.

    Roe–Ya know, I like Sci-fi movies, but never have been all that into that genre of novels. I’m willing to give it another try, though.

    To those who asked, yes I can walk/stand and knit at the same time, I’m just not sure that I want to hold my knitting in sweaty hands, while I’m exercising

    Sayna-I don’t think I’ve read any Kay Cooper books. I’ll check ’em out! Oh and people alllllllllways quoted Princess Bride to me in high school. πŸ™‚

    Cheryl-The special isn’t going to air on HGTV. πŸ™ It’s for the Super Bowl Sunday Knit In next year on DIY. Hope you’ll still get to see it!

    Princess Poker- Congrats on your first garment! Would it work to lace some silk or velvet ribbon through the neckline, to cinch it a bit? Then, you could just call it a “design feature”. πŸ˜‰ I also always think that vintage brooches are a quick fix to a lot of garment-fit mishaps. How would it look to overlap the front shut and pin it, slightly off center? Just a thought. Good luck!

    Bev Q–yes, we did a charity knitting show. If you go to and search for “Knitting for Charity”, it should come up.


  31. LaVerna

    Just about anything by Dean Koontz is a page turner.Try The Husband in honor of your new nuptials.Its a good one!

  32. Kim

    I love your list. How amazing it’s almost like the one going through my head at night. Except for the passport one. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon that is outside the US. BUMMER! I really liked your theme music to your bionic powers.

  33. Shannon

    I don’t know if it’s been mentioned since I didn’t have time to read all the comments, but there is a t-shirt site out there that sells both “Team Rosie/Team Elizabeth” and “Team O’Donnel/Team Hasselbeck” shirts.