Pop Color Trend: Bright Pink + CAL!

Bright pink is one of those rare colors that depending on how it’s used can be either girlie and goodie-goodie, or totally punk rock. I love it for that!  It also happens to be one of the pop colors trending right now, and thusly deserves a round-up. Here are just a few, great pieces in the palette. You can keep up to date with more blushing finds though, on my Pop Color Trend: Bright Pink Pinterest board.

In my daily life, I tend to wear a lot of black and grey. Although I love color, I’m really more comfortable wearing little bursts of it against darker shades than I am in head to toe brightness. With my latest design — the Springtime Scarf — I can do just that. Crocheted in in Sheep(ish) color, Hot Pink(ish), this simple neck pieces adds a bit of trend-happy pink to any ol’ outfit.

Join me on Facebook or Ravelry this Thursday for a Stitch.Rock.Crochet-along to make this project for yourself. It’s quick, simple and dare I say, a little bit sassy?

Get the Springtime Scarf pattern here: download now.

Hope to crochet-along with you soon!


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