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Kat Coyle

Did any of you happen to notice the covers of Time Magazine and the New Yorker a couple of weeks ago? The existence of one key component in both images means big news for knitters. Regardless of the politics that surrounded January’s Women’s March, the fact that knit and crochet (respectively) hats — made using crafts that for generations have been seen as merely women’s work — are now immortalized as a symbol of the power of organization is a pretty big deal within an industry that often struggles for it’s place at the respected DIY table. As a leader in the knitting and crochet industry, this fascinates Vickie.

Time Magazine Pussyhat

This week’s guest, Kat Coyle is an artist and the owner of The Little Knittery yarn shop in California. She’s also the designer of the now infamous, knit hat at the center of The Pussyhat Project — the initiative behind the sea of women and men alike around the world who were seen wearing pink, cat-eared beanies during the recent protests.

Vickie and Kat talked about her journey from art student to yarn store owner, and how within fiber-lined walls of her shop — with two of her most loyal customers — the idea for the color, concept and accessibility of knitters collectively uprising was born. 

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Show Notes:


Kat Coyle is an artist; knitwear designer and owner of The Little Knittery in Los Angeles. 

Her involvement with the Pussyhat Project began at it’s beginning. Pussyhat Project co-founders Jayna Zweiman and Krista Suh were visiting at her shop a few days after the 2016 Presidential election. They expressed a desire to see all the marchers at the Womens March on Washington wearing the same hand knitted hat, to create a beautiful and lasting visual statement. Kat designed the original Pussy Power Hat, choosing to work with a rich and vibrant fuchsia pink. The hat was intended to be simple enough for anyone to learn to make and also to provide an easy template for all knitters to modify and make their own.

Kat Coyle Little Knittery

Her work has been published in many books including Fair Isle Style, Lace Style, Simple Style, Knit Wit, and Greetings from Knit Café. Her designs have also been featured in the magazines Interweave Knits, Knitscene, Twist Collective, and Knitty.com.  Kat can be found teaching needle crafts and knitting most every day at her fabulous yarn shop. 


Kat Coyle Pussyhat project

Photo: Sedda Wuller | Knitters gathered to make hats for the Women’s March




The Little Knittery

Pussyhat Project




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  1. kathy

    What an encouraging episode. Thanks, Vickie, and thanks, Kat, for this spontaneous, fun creation that has acquired so much meaning!


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