Craft-ish Extra: Yarn the Movie Co-Directors



This week we have a special, CRAFT*ish Extra for you! In honor of YARN: the Movie making it’s New York Debut this month, we thought we’d share the audio portion of a short-form interview I did with the film’s co-directors, Thor Jonnson and Heather Millard.


Film info:
The traditional crafts of crochet and knitting have become one of the hottest movements in modern art. We follow a few International artists and knitters as they bring yarn to the streets and into our lives in new ways. Starting in Iceland, this quirky and thought-provoking film takes us on a colourful and global journey as we discover how yarn connects us all.


A Compass Films production (Iceland), in co-production with 2M Film Studio, Poland.
A documentary film that travels to: Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Hawaii, Cuba, USA, Canada exploring the endless possibilities of yarn in the world.

Supported by the Icelandic Films Centre, Creative Europe MEDIA Development Funding, Creative Europe MEDIA TV funding, RÚV, RTV, TG4, TVP and SVT.

Barbara Kingsolver
Cirkus Cirkör

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Produced by: Vickie Howell

Edited & Mixed by: Dave Campbell

Music Provided by: Explosions in the Sky


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