Craft-ish Episode 3: Clara Parkes

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Clara’s swatches keeping out the draft at our Maine home.


Vickie talks with New York Times Best-selling author and Knitter’s Review founder, Clara Parkes about leaving the tech world to walk the creative path, knitting on television, and how they’re both totally unemployable.

Almost two decades, ago, Clara Parkes abandoned San Francisco’s high-tech hubbub to build a quieter creative life on the coast of Maine. In 2000, she turned passion to profession when she launched Knitter’s Review, the first comprehensive online knitting magazine and community. Since then, through her writings, workshops, bestselling books, television and radio appearances, and small-batch artisan yarns, Parkes has carried knitters into the 21st century, introducing the notion of breed awareness, slow knitting, slow stashing, and knitting locally.

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Produced by: Vickie Howell

Edited & Mixed by: Dave Campbell


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