Craft-ish Episode 17: Illustrator, Deborah Green

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Show Notes:
This week Vickie sat down with Netherlands-based illustrator, blogger, and author of Your Sharpie Style, Deborah Green. They talk about the choice to reinvent one’s self creatively, taking the leap to move out of country (again), and how vintage decor and Amsterdam architecture inspire her illustration style .

Deborah Green is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, published craft book author,  and all round crafty momma.

Born as a Gemini in Amsterdam in the mid 70s. A mix of a creative Indonesian mother, and a more analytical Dutch father.

As a youngster Deborah realized she would win almost every drawing contest she entered. Naturally, drawing became her favorite creative outlet.


After college Deborah spent a number of years in the corporate world, organizing large events at the IT department of a major bank.

When she got her first sewing machine, Deborah started altering clothes, making stuffed animals, tote bags, anything she could draw, she could sew. People started to find and buy her work, and slowly the possibility of being creative for a living became more clear.


In 2007 Deborah moved overseas to the inspiring city of New York. It was there were she fully  started creating full time. Working as a graphic designer / illustrator, and running an online business,  Mod and Mint, selling mid century vintage treasures to collectors, tv shows and stylists. She explored more crafts, embroidery, crocheting, needle felting, collage art, resin casting, and plaster sculpting. Deborah wrote two craft books, 100 Applique Motifs, and Your Sharpie Style, which has recently been released by Harper Collins.

After almost a decade in New York, Deborah recently returned to the Netherlands, with  her husband,  toddler son, and cat.



ENTER TO WIN a copy of, Your Sharpie StyleSimply post a comment letting us know what creative outlet brings you peace when you’re stressed-out.

Post must be on this Show Notes page, and left my 12amCT on 8/1/16.

UPDATE: Winners are Amanda and Ingrid A. Congratulations!

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16 Responses to “Craft-ish Episode 17: Illustrator, Deborah Green”

  1. LaDonna Loehrke

    I so enjoyed hearing Deborah’s story! 🙂 One of my creative outlets when I am stressed is making homemade stamped cards to send to others…it helps to take me out of my own struggles and encourage someone else. I just recently started coloring in an Adult Coloring/Sticker book, and then I send the stickers to someone to brighten there day.

  2. Ellen

    Fascinating to listen to an artist who defines artist by saying she has to draw. Not just wants to draw, but has to.

  3. Heather Murray

    Thank you Vickie for another wonderful podcast. I have found that my knitting and sewing is where I find my creative outlet. I love to sew and create the ideas that I envision.

  4. Amberly

    To relax and unwind I like to crochet, though recently I have also found colouring to be a great stress reliever!

  5. Julie

    Oh my gosh , I have so many creative outlets ! Cooking, sewing, decorating, knitting, crochet, embroidery, gardening and the list goes on. I am truly inspired by the world and people around me. Thank you for another wonderful (and inspiring) podcast.

  6. Erin Evans

    Ok seriously I’m obsessed with Craftish! Thank you so much for bringing us new and awesome artists to find inspiration and community from! I absolutely love Deborah’s work, and am thrilled to hear next week’s episode…Ive been following Twinkie Chan for a while now….LOVE! There is nothing like carving into a fresh block of lino for me to unwind and de-stress……..while listening to cast albums of broadway shows, both old and new…….

  7. Ida Williamson

    I am always so inspired after listening to one of your podcasts! Thank you for another great guest. I have a number of outlets I use to relieve stress but my “go to” is crochet.

  8. Katherine S

    Hi, Vickie,
    As a knitter and crocheter, I have been a long-time fan! I discovered your Podcast a couple of months ago and very much enjoy it! I loved hearing Deborah’s story and will be retiring soon, so I would love to win her book and try some of her ideas! Thanks for inspiration!!!

  9. Amanda

    Love your podcast! I enjoy your guests creative journeys. Knitting is the creative outlet that brings me the most peace and stress relief. As with many creative people I have dabbled in lots of things. I have a drawer full of Sharpies, watercolor and oil pencils that would be great fun to use with Deborah’s book!

  10. kathy

    Vickie, I really appreciate your podcast style! Thanks for doing the podcast and for this great episode. Deborah’s work is beautiful and she is inspiring. Am off to listen to previous episodes.

  11. Sarah

    This was the first episode I’ve listened to and I really enjoyed it! I love to sew — mostly quilts but sometimes home decor or bags, etc — in my free time. I doodle at work too. 😉

  12. Susan

    When the I need some quiet time, I reach for the knitting needles or the spinning wheel! I like the calming effect of a simple knit or treadling..

  13. Katelyn M

    Thanks for the show. I enjoyed listening to Deborah. My go to craft is crochet. It allows me to let go of e erything and just relax. I can focus on each stitch and everything else just doesn’t matter for that moment. Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Mary K

    Spending fifteen minutes to a half hur in front of my sewing machine takes all of my stresses away. I am a quilter and usually have several projects going at once, and sometimes I just sew together units, like four patches and it just makes me relax!
    Would love to win your giveaway!
    Thank you,
    Mary K

  15. Suzanne

    I really enjoyed this podcast! I think I knit so I don’t kill people but quilting and sewing also keep me out of jail. All jokes aside, thanks for helping me think more introspectively about why creating is so important to maintaining a healthy mental state.

  16. Ingrid a

    I’ll go outside and knit if the weather is nice to unwind. If the weather not so great I’ll go to my sewing and “shop” in my fabric stash for a new quilt to make.