Craft-ish Episode 1: Novelist, Rachael Herron


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This week Vickie chats creative rituals, inspiration, and the ebb & flow of ideas with guest, Rachael Herron the bestselling author of the novels The Ones Who Matter Most, Splinters of Light and Pack Up the Moon  (Penguin), the five-book Cypress Hollow series, and the memoir, A Life in Stitches. She received her MFA in writing from Mills College, Oakland. She’s a New Zealand citizen as well as an American, and she is a proud member of the NaNoWriMo Writers Board. She currently teaches writing extension workshops at both UC Berkeley and Stanford.



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Book mentioned by Rachael:

Mighty Ugly, by Kim Werker

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One Response to “Craft-ish Episode 1: Novelist, Rachael Herron”

  1. DeeAnna Swanson

    My husband does the repeat song for focus thing frequently. I’ve always thought it was so cute, but as an intentional tool it’s so much more.


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