Craft-ish Episode #30: Graphic Designer & Illustrator, Andrea Pippins

Andrea Pippins 

A Conversation with Andrea Pippins

This week’s episode is actually the last one of the 2016 season — and over the past 29 episodes Vickie’s had the absolute honor and pleasure of talking with creative types ranging from Artists and Professional Crafters to photographers and musicians. She’s learned something from each and every conversation, but there have been a handful that’ve really stuck with her — exchanges with guests who were both generous of spirit and thoughtful in mind. Their openness underlining the very reason she wanted to produce this podcast in the first place. In part it’s to feed her own curiosity about people and what makes them, well, them. Outside of her own satiation, however she hopes this show inspires thought and creativity amongst a community she loves being a part of. For Vickie, communication is the ultimate form of creativity.

The latest episode is one of those that she won’t soon forget. Earlier this week Vickie spoke with Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Educator, Andrea Pippins. At the time of this recording we are a little over 4 weeks away from the inauguration of an almost infamous, new President. For ultimate better or worse, to say that our American society is experiencing a period of unrest is probably an understatement. Vickie and Andrea took this meeting as an opportunity to have a very candid conversation about race, education, gender, and the power of creativity during times of personal — or global — insecurity.


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Andrea Pippins Working


Show Notes:

Andrea Pippins is an artist and author with a background in graphic design. With her BFA in graphic design Andrea spent time designing professionally at Hallmark Cards and TV Land/Nick@ Nite Networks before returning to school to pursue her MFA at Temple University-Tyler School of Art. During her educational and professional careers her work has been published in well-known publications such as Anthology Magazine, Bustle,, Creative Quarterly, CMYK, How Magazine, The Huffington Post, and The O Magazine. Andrea has also received numerous awards and recognition in the design industry including First Place in the 2009 AIGA Campaign to Sustain Poster Competition and the 2008 Flux Design Competition for Best Identity. In 2012, Andrea was recognized as one of Dell’s #100 Most Inspiring People.

Commissioned Artwork of Alicia Keys for Lenny Letter

Andrea teaches part-time as an assistant professor of art at Maryland Institute College of Art, while also working as a freelance designer and illustrator. She has created designs and illustrations for brands such as Free People, USAID, and the National Museum of African American History and Culture. In addition to designing and illustrating, Andrea curates content for her fashion, art and design blog, Fly. Andrea’s blog is a weekly resource to inspire young women to pursue their creative passions.


andrea pippins dream big


In November 2015 Andrea released of her first book, I Love My Hair, a coloring book featuring her illustrations celebrating various hairstyles and textures. Following the success of I Love My Hair, Andrea released Becoming Me in the fall of 2016. Becoming Me is an interactive journal and activity book filled with artistic prompts, coloring pages, and creative challenges, to encourage self-discovery and creative expression.

andrea pippins afro blue

Afro Blue

Andrea produces artwork with a mission to create what she wants to see and a vision to empower women and girls of color and people in marginalized communities with visual tools to tell their own stories.

Andrea Pippins from Colorers

Finished pages from colorers.

Andrea is currently creating out of D.C. and Stockholm.

Enter to win one of Andrea’s Best-selling Books, Becoming Me OR I Love My HairPost a comment on your thoughts about how creativity can help heal and empower. Comments must be received by 10pmCT on December 22, 2016.

UPDATE: Winners are Kathy & Janna. Congrats!

Andrea Pippins Books







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6 Responses to “Craft-ish Episode #30: Graphic Designer & Illustrator, Andrea Pippins”

  1. kathy

    All the podcast episodes this season have been great, Vickie. This episode is my favorite. Thanks for sharing this conversation with Andrea.

  2. Karen Kebinger

    Yesterday I listened to your newest podcast with Andrea Pippins, wow it was amazing! The best yet I think, so current with what many of us are feeling after the Election! It was great to hear her views on the events as they unfolded. Like you I cringed when she talked about the preparations she had to make before setting out on her tour!! I was very interested in what she had to share as a Woman of color.
    I was one of those who was freaked out after the election and continue to be so as the days go on! I saw a post on Facebook from a blogger The Healthy Knitter, she is running a Peace Project for the first 21 days of December. People could download a free Cowl pattern from Ravelry and knit daily thinking of Peace and what it means to us! It has really helped me cope with my feelings. There is a daily blog to encourage those participating. which is very helpful. 22,000 people have downloaded the pattern and I know many of my Friends are enjoying the challenge. My Sister in France is doing it too so we have been in contact on Facebook sharing our Progress!

  3. Corliss

    How can creativity help heal and empower? For me in a time when our world seems out of control,
    creativity gives me a space that I can control! A place to go, rather I am knitting, crocheting or trying a new craft for the first time- I can control or maybe better stated, I can influence the outcome of my project! And that’s empowering to me! Regardless of what 2017 brings, regardless of what the new presidency brings, my Creativity that I believe is a gift from God, keeps flowing and growing and a space where I can step away to heal. Better yet, when I give away a modern crochet project or experience someone laugh and ask how I made a funny amigurumi food item, I feel like that little item may just have added a little joy that day or encouraged someone to create or spend time doing something they enjoy. And for me That. Is. Empowering. Thank you both for such a great podcast as I throughly enjoyed the content. Peace!

  4. Suzanne

    Wow, your podcast is not only inspiring but also so smart. I’m listening now and part of the conversation with Andrea is really resonating with me. Deep thoughts this week…thank you both.

  5. Janna Ford

    You just blew it out of the water twice in a row, girl!

    I have personally been in a season right now where I am trying to push other things aside in my schedule to make more time for crafting. I’ve been so busy in the last few years that I wasn’t as immersed as I want to be, and now I’ve created a separate crafting instagram to hopefully inspire and empower others with what I’m working on.

    I also love how the craftivist movement is rising up right now and people like Donna Druchunas are using their art to inspire and empower others.

  6. Amberly

    Creativity helps us find peace of mind and approach life with positivity