Episode #43: Anda Corrie, Spoonflower Book Author

Anda Corrie, author of The Spoonflower Quick-Sew Project Book , is a guest on the latest episode of the CRAFT*ish Podcast with Vickie Howell #sewing #podcast

Anda Corrie, Author of The Spoonflower Quick-Sew Project Book

This week host Vickie Howell chats with Anda Corrie, an illustrator who worked for Etsy for 10 years, including launching their Europe division, and now has teamed up with the fabric company phenom, Spoonflower to author their new book, The Spoonflower Quick-Sew Project Book.

During their conversation, they talked about juggling creativity with motherhood, the differing views of craft in Germany (where Anda lives with her family) and America, and the behind the scenes scoop on all that’s involved in partnering with a company to write a co-branded book. Listen now!


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Show Notes

Anda Corrie is an American illustrator, designer, author, speaker, and artist living in Berlin with her little family.

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After graduating design school a bit directionless, Anda spent her twenties traveling around, having adventures, learning to sew, and slipping into profound, reckless credit card debit. Starting to feel a bit nervous about her future, in 2007 she accepted a job working at her friends’ fledgling crafts website, Etsy. As their seventh employee, she spent the next decade building Etsy’s seller community, helping found their Berlin office, accidentally transitioning into a design role, and reluctantly becoming an art director, people manager and occasional public speaker. Along the way she got married, had two cool little kids, emigrated to Germany, and discovered that she’s probably just an okay designer — but she is great at trying things she’s never done before. When Spoonflower asked her if she’d like to write a whole book of sewing projects with them, she agreed the phone without hesitating. The Spoonflower Quick Sew Project Book was published in October 2018.


Fabric Scrap Twine

Now freelance and in a permanent state of “figuring it all out”, Anda draws faces on inanimate objects at the studio she shares with her husband, tattooist Pete Corrie; Studio Like a Dream. She compulsively says yes to every project, which is a curse but seems to be working out in her favor so far.


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