#55 Jody Rice, Satsuma Street

Jody Rice, founder of Satsuma Street on CRAFT*ish with Vickie Howell

Jody Rice, Satsuma Street

This week on the show is needle arts designer, Jody Rice. Jody’s company Satsuma Street was founded after unsuccessful searches for modern cross-stitch patterns inspired her to design them herself. Her background in both textiles and graphic arts made this a relatively natural transition, so she created a collection. She began to make those patterns available for digital download on Etsy in 2013 and was blown away by the response. She had found craft community need, and filled it!

Vickie discovered Jody’s work when one of her besties was working on a Satsuma Street piece while their families were on vacation together last Summer. During their conversation, they talked about Jody’s transition from working on blockbuster films to running a handmade business, her design approach, and what she does to block out all of the social media noise when it comes to her art.

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Satsuma Street on the CRAFT*ish Podcast



Jody Rice, the founder of Satsuma Street! She started Satsuma when she was looking for some new, modern cross stitch patterns and couldn’t find what she wanted in big-box craft stores. So she made my own! She started selling my designs as instant downloads on Etsy in 2013.

Jody was totally unprepared for the response she got from stitchers of all ages and from all over the world: they loved them! Satsuma Street quickly took off and has developed a huge following and many die-hard fans.

In 2016, Jody started making my designs available as printed charts for needlework stores and websites. Satsuma Street patterns can now be found in stores all over the globe, making my goal of “cross stitch for a happy world” closer every day!

Satsuma Street on the CRAFT*ish Podcast with Vickie Howell

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Too Much is Never Enough by Andrew Rannells on CRAFT*sh

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