#53 Susan Beal, Modern Quilting Author

Susan Beal on CRAFT*ish with Vickie Howell

Susan Beal, Modern Quilting Author

This week on the show is modern quilt designer and author of “Sew + Quilt: Techniques for Hand Stitching + Patchwork”, Susan Beal.

Vickie and Susan have known each other since Vickie first started in the craft industry, a decade and a half ago. Back then, if you were a maker on the internet, then you were automatically a part of what was then a small community of people.

During their conversation they talk about the parallels in our professional and creative journies, the influence community has in their work, how craft can act as a conduit for our stories and acts of activism, and why it was important to Susan to write her latest book Sew + Quilt.

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Susan Beal on CRAFT*ish with Vickie Howell


Susan Beal is the author of nine books, including Sew + Quilt, Modern Log Cabin Quilting, Bead Simple, and Hand-Stitched Home. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband Andrew and our kids, Pearl & Everett (who finally, thanks to my S+Q book deadline, got the special bed quilts she’d been dreaming of making them for years!). She teaches sewing and quilting classes in Portland and on Creativebug.com.

Susan Beal on CRAFT*ish with Vickie Howell

Susan started writing a new West Coast Crafty column for Getcrafty in 2005 and then moved everything over to an independent blog. Four books and 1.5 kids later, she was so lucky to attend the very first PMQG meeting in 2010 and has now served as president, programs director, and historian! She’s also a Girl Scout leader, neighborhood activist, and loves to read. Sew + Quilt is her most personal book yet and she’s so excited that it’s out in the world!

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