#50 Sarah Hays Coomer, Physical Disobedience

Sarah Hays Coomer on the CRAFT*ish podcast with Vickie Howell | #bodyimage #wellness

Sarah Hays Coomer, Physical Disobedience

This week on the show, is a personal trainer, diet abolitionist and author of Physical Disobedience, Sarah Hays Coomer.

As a mother to a daughter, and as a woman herself, Vickie, like most women likely, spends a significant amount of time thinking about body image. In a society that promotes an often unrealistic female physical ideal, there’s a real craft to creating a healthy, positive body image for ourselves and encourage the same for the girls and women who surround us. Vickie and Sarah talk about the challenges of connecting to our body, celebrating our strengths and how appreciation for our physical bodies can be the wildest form of social disobedience.


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Show Notes


Sarah Hays Coomer is a “diet abolitionist,” a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, a certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach and Prenatal Fitness Specialist with the American Fitness Professionals & Associates, and a member of the American College of Sports Medicine. She believes that fitness should be about celebrating and strengthening our bodies—bringing them to life rather than depriving them and trying to shrink or manipulate them. In addition to traditional personal training and wellness coaching, Sarah works with populations that face particular challenges connecting with their bodies, including first time exercisers, pregnancy and postpartum fitness, obesity, chronic pain, eating disorders, depression, heart disease, and the elderly. She sees beauty and power in every one of their bodies and strives to help them see the same.

Sarah Hays Coomer on the CRAFT*ish podcast with Vickie Howell | #bodyimage #wellness

Sarah is the author of two books: Physical Disobedience: An Unruly Guide to Health and Stamina for the Modern Feminist (2018) and Lightness of Body and Mind: A Radical Approach to Weight and Wellness (2016). Her work has been featured in Shape, MSN, Thrive Global, The Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, Huffington Post, Bustle, and The Tennessean, among others. She lives and trains in Nashville, TN with her husband, son, and sweet pitbull, Ringo.


What I’m Crafting(ish) To … this week!

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  • TV: Schitt’s Creek, Seasons 1-4 (Netflix)
  • MOVIE: The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (Streaming)
  • AUDIOBOOK: The Beastie Boys Book, written by the two surviving members of the Beastie Boys, Michael Diamond and Adam Horowitz (the third member, Adam Yauch, died from Cancer in 2012).

If you’re even a micro fan of Beastie Boys, or if you enjoy music history, this is a must-listen. Bonus: it’s narrated by a gaggle of celebs like Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), Jon Stewart, Rosie Perez. So fun!

I’d love to hear what you’re Crafting to this week. Please post a comment with your recommendations. Thanks!


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