Podcast: Realities of Professional Crafting & Internet Jealousy

Recently, the smart and impressive, Sister Diane asked me to sit down and discuss the benefits and deficits of having “celebrities” in the craft world, how I deal with internet jealousy and the inevitability of feeling overwhelmed by the demands of social media. What resulted was a very candid conversation about our jobs as women, public perception of success and the realities of a career in a creative profession. 
I may be all jazz-hands on the outside, but on the inside I often just want to
crawl inside the knitted cowl I’m promoting.
If you’ve ever wanted a career in the craft industry, ever felt alone in your anxiety, ever wondered if you were good enough to compete with all of the amazing talent out there — I hope you’ll give this episode of CraftyPod a listen.

2 Responses to “Podcast: Realities of Professional Crafting & Internet Jealousy”

  1. Nik

    I listened to this the other day, and I must say that you’ve inspired me to be fearless in my quest to be a designer. I was particularly drawn to your confidence in your ability to market yourself, and it made me realize that I need to learn more of how to do that. You’re sort of my “mentor in my head”. LOL

    I’d never had a designer’s words stick with me like this, and I felt moved to let you know.

    • Vickie Howell

      Thank you so much for taking the time to say that — it’s the biggest complement you could give me. I really appreciate it! xx, VH