Pillows & Packing

I leave for Canada tomorrow and still haven’t packed. First step: filling an envelope with several different forms of identification, covering all variations of my name since birth–Vickie Carole Montoya, Vickie Montoya Howell, Vickie Howell Campbell…
I did however, finish the 6-pack of drink cozies and all of the step-outs (those are the versions of a project you see on TV, at varying stages of completion) for the one I’m teaching. I also finished and shipped off the next KIWI project, a “Trick or Tote” bag for the Sept./Fall issue, made from snack bags. I sliced my finger with a rotary cutter and my sewing machine is officially old and sucking, so this crafty adventure did not go smoothly. I finally ended up bandaging my finger and running to a local store, Craft-o-Rama, to rent a machine for an hour so that I could finish the bag without putting any more extraneous, screw-up holes on the edging. All in all though, the tote turned out pretty cute and is (at least I think it is) a good alternative to throwing away all the wrappers that are usually wasted after a good trick or treat session.
Technically, I’m supposed to also write the KIWI copy and edit the Tori S. interview transcription/write the intro before I leave. Realistically though, I’ll bring my ol’ barge of a laptop and work on both on the trip. I don’t really know anyone in Vancouver anyway, so I’ll probably have plenty of hotel time.

In unrelated news, I finally got the first Vegas pattern written and photographed. Check out P3, available for download now on my shop page. This pillow is puffy, pretty and done on US size 10 needles so, quick to knit up! Christmas (knitting) in July, anyone?

P3 (Powder Puff Pillow)
Pattern: $5
Yarn used: Vegas in color: Pink Champagne

Ciao for now!


4 Responses to “Pillows & Packing”

  1. Guinness & Shiloh's Family

    Safe travels! We’ve been waiting for weeks and weeks for our passports in case hubby gets to travel to CA for work. The pillow looks awsome (I will _not_ start any other projects until I finish the ones I’m working on dammit!) Sorry bout you finger – OUCH. Dogs send sympathy kisses

  2. KnitXcorE

    busy grrl. the pillow is quite fresh. it’s the perfect excuse to buy some “vegas” yarn 🙂