PATTERN: Chain Gang Eternity Scarf

Chain Gang Scarf
Model: My Beautiful Sister-in-Law, Meredith Smith

I have a new pattern available for download today just in time for a little, Thanksgiving weekend knitting:the Chain Gang Scarf! Eternity scarves are a big trend (check out A Mom in Red Heel’s runway rundown of them )this season; this one giving nod to the necklace shape by incorporating over-sized chain link, knotted cables.

Chain Gang C/U
The Chain Gang Eternity Scarf is knit with chunky yarn & size US 11 needles so it’s quick to knit which means, there’s still plenty of time to whip up a few of these for holiday gifts!

Chain Gang, Shot 2
Happy Holidays!

9 Responses to “PATTERN: Chain Gang Eternity Scarf”

  1. L. Orive

    Hi there – does the shipping of your patterns bought online (which I assume are delivered as downloads) depend on your being there to review and send them out via email? You posted this adorable pattern the day before Thanksgiving, even mentioning that it’s “just in time for a little Thanksgiving weekend knitting” – but I just tried to buy it and got a message saying you are away for the holiday weekend? Seems like, if it’s not automated, it’d be helpful if you had something on the site saying they wouldn’t be available until after the weekend.

  2. Vickie Howell

    Well, it was supposed to be automated. Drat! Reply to that e-mail you got and I’ll send you the pattern from there. Sorry about the confusion!

  3. margknittinaround

    Hi Vickie- I just started the pattern and I’m loving it already…so much easier than I thought it might be. Thanks for the clear directions. Margaret

  4. novice

    I love the look but am worried about the difficulty level before i purchase the pattern. i read elsewhere it needs “stitch holders” and a “tapstry needle” which i don’t even know what those are or do. i’ve knit plenty in the past but usually pretty basic patterns…any input on the difficulty level of this one?

  5. Vickie Howell

    Novice–It’s definitely an intermediate pattern. You use the stitch holders to keep hold of live stitches while you’re working others then to keep the stitches from unraveling white you tie the cable in a knot. Are you by chance in the Austin area? I’m teaching a class on this scarf in Feb.

    Oh, and a tapestry needle is just for seaming. It’s essentially the same thing as a yarn needle. Either would work. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. novice

    thanks for your feedback! i wish i was local to take your class but i live in NY so not close enough for a knitting class. i am however going about to purchase the pattern and give it a try! Margaret above says the directions are clear so I feel it’s about time I step up my knitting abilities and give it a whirl…luckily my mom lives near by who is a master knitter and can help me out if I get overwhelmed!

  7. Robin

    Tried to purchase the chain gang pattern, but I get a messages it can not be found. My daughter saw the scarf, and now wants one for herself.