Party Pics!

Dave McLaughlin, the photographer from our post-elopement celebration, just posted a few shots on his blog…which I promptly grabbed to share with you. I love how artsy he got!
The party was on the rooftop plaza at the Whole Foods flagship store in downtown Austin. It was perfect for us because it has a great view of the city, is centrally located, has a playscape for the kids, and plenty of space for (my) Dave’s band to play. We drank wine, nibbled on a vegetarian Italian feast, watched the kids have sword fights with the Asian paper parasols I supplied, danced, chatted and in general, just had a great time!

If for some reason I screwed up and you can’t enlarge these, they’re also posted on Dave M.’s blog.

Backside of the plaza before guest arrived+Me & my friend Lori

Wildflowers & mason jars+web gal (and one of my B/F/Fs) Jenny’s fabulous platforms+
Dave’s beloved guitar

Dave singing+Guests dining + Our friend Matt+ Dave performing w/ Tanner+Me talking to Tristan+ Our wee friend, Cody.

This is my favorite montage–I’m a sucker for lanterns. ๐Ÿ™‚
Cupcakes (who needs a “real” cake?), Dave w/ his dad & step-mom, Dave’s friend Lary, Our friend Erin’s amazing tattoo, Dave and I with our siblings and kids+ Me.

Signifigant others and families watch as Arms in Danger performs+
Josh on drums+My SIL and her husband, Matt+J.P. on bass+More drums+Todd on lead vocals+ Me toasting them+ TLA.


P.S. In case you’re wondering, dress & shoes both by Betsey Johnson. I *heart* her stuff!

12 Responses to “Party Pics!”

  1. Anonymous

    They didn’t show up here, but I went to the blog and looked and the pictures are great. Looks like you had a great night!

  2. Sonia

    I had to go to Dave M.’s blog to check out the pictures because they didn’t show up on yours, its probably my slow crappy computer but anyway..OMG!!! How fab are those pics!!Love the composition of them.Seriously wow. Thanks for sharing.Everyone looked so great.*heart* your shoes.
    Oh yeah finished the Rosie Posie bag I’ll send a pic when I’m able to computer not cooperating today.

  3. Melissa

    Great pictures and thanks for sharing. Congratulations!

  4. diva mcknitster

    that looked like a fun party! i love the simplicity of the tablescapes.

    your friend’s photo arrangements remind me of the photos from my SIL’s wedding album – random, candid, neat pics.

  5. Anonymous

    what a beautiful party…love the lanterns and cupcakes too! and the back tat on your friend….awesome pic! i’m sure you will remember that day forever…congrats! anne s.