3 Openwork Stitches for Spring/Summer Knitting

Openwork #Knitting Stitches | Video #tutorial by @iamvickiehowell #summerknitting #stitchpattern #SpringKnittingOpenwork Stitches for Spring & Summer Knitting

This week on Ask Me Monday, we focus on light and airy, openwork stitches for knitting during warmer weather. These stitches can be used in the whole of a garment, or just as panels within plain knitted pieces. Paired with an organic cotton, any of these patterns would be lovely incorporated into a top, worked into a bag pattern, or as a lightweight scarf. Watch my video tutorials, then take these stitches for a spin using the below swatch instructions. Enjoy! –VH

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Supplies Used

US Size 8/5mm Knitter’s Pride Zing Needles (Great for working with cotton blend yarns!)

Kristin Omdahl Be So Tender (100% organic cotton), in color: Sky

Tapestry Needle

Openwork #Knitting Stitches | Video #tutorial by @iamvickiehowell #summerknitting #stitchpattern #SpringKnitting #decorativeladder
Decorative Ladder Practice Swatch

CO 19 sts.

Row 1: K8, k1tbl, p1, k1tbl, k8.

Row 2: P8, p1tbl, k1, p1tbl, p8.

Rows 3-14: Repeat Rows 1 & 2.

Row 15: Repeat Row 1

Row 16: P8, p1tbl, drop next st, YO, p1tbl, p 8.


Using Tapestry Needle, a strand of yarn, and using Ask Me Monday video as a guide, twist and weave dropped stitch ladder.

Openwork #Knitting Stitches | Video #tutorial by @iamvickiehowell #summerknitting #stitchpattern #SpringKnitting #indiancrossstitchOpenwork Stitches: Indian Cross Stitch

CO 16 sts.

Rows 1-4: Knit.

Row 5: Knit all sts, wrapping 4 times each stitch.

Row 6: (where the magic happens!): [Sl 8 sts p-wise, letting extra wraps drop; insert LH needle from front into first 4 stitches and lift over last 4 (but don’t drop off needle); transfer stitches back to LH needle in the new orientation and knit] TWICE.

Rows 7-10: Knit.

Repeat Rows 5-10, once more.


Openwork #Knitting Stitches | Video #tutorial by @iamvickiehowell #summerknitting #stitchpattern #SpringKnitting #elongatedcrossgarter

Elongated Cross Garter Stitch (Modified)

CO 18.

Rows 1-9: Work in Stockinette Stitch.

Row 10(WS): Using the video as a guide, insert needle as to knit and wrap yarn around both needles twice and then around the back needle only, once more; pull loop through all wraps dropping them and the last stitch. Repeat across.

Row 11: Knit.

Rows 12-13: Repeat Rows 10-11

Rows 14-18: Work in Stockinette Stitch.


Openwork #Knitting Stitches | Video #tutorial by @iamvickiehowell #summerknitting #stitchpattern #SpringKnitting


REFERENCE: Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book (Updated Edition)

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