Ok, I lied–How about one more giveaway?

Even though I’m still working on picking winners from my Craft Corps Giveaway-A-Day, I’ve already got yet another way for you to win some free stuff! As you may know, I’m Caron International’s spokesperson. Because they’re really supportive of all that I do, they’ve generously offered to team up with Lark Books to offer FOUR winners each a signed copy of Craft Corps and $25 worth of yarn!

All you have to do is click here and enter to win. Good luck!

24 Responses to “Ok, I lied–How about one more giveaway?”

  1. Bonney

    Wowza Yowza!!! Vickie, this has been so much fun!! Thanks for all the fun it’s been. (I didn’t win anything but it was fun to imagine that I would!)

  2. Lupie

    Thanks for this great giveaway!!
    What could be better than your great book and yarn!!!!

  3. Mimi

    I didn’t know that as a Canadian I can’t enter this giveaway… does that include all of those giveaways?? Double drats! Michele Timms

  4. Karen L.

    You may have lied but it was a “good lie” so does that make it OK? Since it’s a giveaway, I would guess most would say “yes”. Thanks for putting all these contests together. It’s been fun!

  5. Breezy

    Oh thank you for one more giveaway!! Did you have this planned all along, you sneaky thing? Bree Gordon

  6. Casa Velha

    Seriously you are the best. This is so exciting. I love that you do the stuff that you do so that the rest of us can enjoy.

    Thank you.

  7. Vickie Howell

    Mimi–No, the other giveaways were not US specific. Sorry about this one; that must be a company policy that I didnt know about. xx

  8. Ruby Sundquist

    Would LOVE to win this. I’m a new knitter and I found you a few months ago. I fell in love with all that you do!!!!

    Ruby Sundquist

  9. urban craft

    thanks for the giveaway. I just finally got my knitting skills going and actually used Caron yarn! I was surprised how striking the colours are.
    Thanks again!