Oh yes, She’s Crafty!

I made it back safely over the border and have been laying low with the family since. I’m juggling kiddos and our new, adopted kitten Seamus (shay-mus) today so I’ll make this short and sweet.

I had a great time as a guest on She’s Crafty in Vancouver. The host Wendy, and everyone else on the crew were all so freakin’ nice! The production coordinator Caroline, practically held my hand during the whole country-crossing debacle. At the end of the two day shoot, they presented me with a flask engraved with my name on it and, “She’s Crafty: Award for the Most ‘Impressive’ Arrival”. I *heart* it!

Set Envy
The She’s Crafty set isn’t in a studio at all but rather, a historical building. The brick walls, floor-to-ceiling windows and wood floors are all authentic, causing me much set envy. On the downside, there wasn’t air conditioning which made sitting under the stage lights pretty spicy!

The “She” in She’s Crafty

With the lovely host of the show, Wendy Russell. She’s great, HGTV Canada’s lucky to have her! Look for her appearance as Jennifer Garner’s character’s best friend in next year’s film, Juno. πŸ™‚

The Great Divide

There was only one bathroom with two stalls in the building, so the men and women had to share. The above pictured plexiglass divider was in the middle of the room to separate the labeled, “boys only stall” from the side of the room containing the “girls only stall”. Also in this room, a huge map of Asia. Oh, those crazy Canadians!


The 2nd day of shooting was spent in West Vancouver at their LYS, The Knit & Stitch. This is the director Stephanie and audio guy Mark posing in front of it with Wendy. The store was comfortable and had a lovely selection. I picked up some neon green, locally spun mohair that’ll likely sit in my stash for years until I get caught up on work projects. It’s totally impossible though, for me to spend time in a yarn store without buying anything!
Knitty Gritty doesn’t air in Canada so of course, they didn’t know me from Eve at this shop. Knowing this, it made me extra happy to find out that one of the clerks happened to be crocheting my market bag from the current Knit.1. Pretty cool.

Creepy Baby Picture

Delirium from a long shoot called for an E.T. inspired picture with all of the the knit store’s be-sweatered dolls.

Ok, the natives here are getting restless for brownies. More later!


10 Responses to “Oh yes, She’s Crafty!”

  1. Callie Karen

    How cool! You deserved that flask! It looks like you had so much fun! The set is really cool! I like the creepy doll picture, that would make great Halloween cards, or maybe Christmas cards? πŸ™‚ Lol.

    Looks like so much fun!

  2. Scoutj

    Yeah that baby picture is really freaking creepy.

    Also, I almost spit out my water the other night watching your Star Wars Knit Bit. So funny!!!

  3. Vickie Howell

    Callie Karen: I totally said to Wendy when we took the picture, that it should go on a Christmas card! heheh.

    Scout: Lordy, I haven’t seen that one yet but we were so tired and delirious when we shot it that it was near impossible to get through with out laughing. The director kept stopping me saying, “No, the sound isn’t joooom, jooom–it’s jhooom, jhoom!” Huh?

    Nichole- I’ll put up a picture of the little guy in my next post. πŸ™‚

  4. Dave Lowe

    SET ENVY!!! Fine, why don’t you just marry it then. Go ahead…run away someplace with your new Canadian set!

    I’ll just stay here in Burbank with the Knitty Gritty set and raise the 4 weird armed mannequins all by myself!

  5. Vickie Howell

    Dave- If I remember correctly, you were “unavailable” during the designing of the KG set. WHATEVER, with being all in demand and stuff. It’s not your fault that we have oddly proportioned mannequins and Alice in Wonderland meets 1980’s flashback furniture. πŸ˜‰

  6. Dave Lowe

    It’s true about the KG set, but now that I have become it’s caretaker, it’s like my own adopted child. 80’s furniture and all.

  7. KnitXcorE

    ehe. the ET pic is hilarious. in Jesrey we have these strange places called “family” bathrooms, maybe they’re inspired by canadians????? creepy.

  8. Guinness & Shiloh's Family

    Ah, but it makes one wonder, the inspiration for that respect reminder? Who was being more disrespectful, the boys or the grrrls?
    Yea, the dolls are pretty creepy, but I love that pic anyway!
    I’ll bet you put that flask to use right away – I know I would have.
    Denise, the dog mom

  9. BeccaGirl

    You are divine! I love your style of writing…I like to believe I am a witty writer, but when I read blogs like yours, I tend to pale in comparison.
    I am loving your ‘Set Envy’ comment. See, witty!
    I hadn’t noticed before, but there are like 2 of you tucked behind those creepy be-sweatered baby dolls! Eek!