Office Space

It only took me a year and a half to (mostly) unpack, but I finally have a semi-user friendly work space in my home! It’s tight quarters in here with all of the office/craft/knitting supplies that I couldn’t bear to stash away in storage, crammed into 10’x12′ feet of space– but hey, at least I get to be surrounded by books & yarn, can listen to/watch npr, netflix & itunes *and* was able to fit (barely) a comfy, vintage chair to knit & crochet in during the day (it’s totally psychological, but it makes me feel better to be in a space other than on my living room couch on those days that I have to knit or crochet for hours on end)!

Speaking of office space, do you have a case of the Mondays? Oh wait, it’s Tuesday. Nevermind.
Do you listen to podcasts while you’re working? I’m thinking about maybe doing my own– trying to figure out if it’d be worth the work. Would any of you be interested in that? If so, what types of things would you like to hear about from me? Inquiring minds, wanna know!

Happy office cooler chatting!,

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  1. HoyaGirl,

    I would totally listen to your podcast–just not at work. I don’t think the principal would approve if I gave up teaching math and science to listen! You’ll have to be a weekend treat instead!

  2. Aesox

    I would love to hear a podcast from you! Things I’d like to hear? How about your adventures in knitting for the different projects you’ve been on, like I would have loved to hear about your visit to Tori’s B&B, what you guys knit on and talked about…or the roller derby thing. I’m betting that would have been a great podcast…especially the morning after πŸ™‚ Maybe think of it as a natural extension of the blog.

  3. HannahMiranda

    I would definitly be interested in listening to podcasts by you! I really don’t know what I’d like you to talk about, other than knitting πŸ˜‰

  4. Jenny

    I love the little yarn jail! “let us outta here!!” hehehehe. I can’t listen to podcasts at work, but I do listen to them while hubby watches hours and hours of COPS. I really miss the Unwound Podcast, so something like her show (with a little sarcasm thrown in for good measure) would be awesome.

  5. Christy


    I am a huge fan of knitting podcasts and would love to listen to yours if you ever made one.

    Call me an uberdork, but I listen to knitting podcasts while I work out.

  6. Kathy Sue

    Oh, do I love your “craft room”. 1.bec I’d love to have a “room”. 2. bec the little space reminds me of the space my Mom and I shared when I was a kid. She blocked off the formal dining room with book cases. One had a door that opened down into a desk- for the sewing machine. We had lots of storage space but the “room” was 5 by 8 feet, so it was hard for both of us to be in there at the same time. As a teenager, I really loved the quiet space away from the 3 brothers. Of course, no fancy entertainment- just my little AM radio.

  7. Meredith

    I would love to hear a podcast from you! Even on Knitty Gritty you had a good mix of light fodder + knitting. (I recently listened to a knitting podcast that had absolutely nothing to do with knitting. It was pretty bad.)

    Speaking of podcasts, what NPR shows are you a fan of, Vickie?

  8. Carrie

    Yes! I listen to podcasts all of the time and I would definitely listen to yours. I would love to hear about anything knitting/fiber related. Tips and tricks, interesting stitch patterns, what it’s like to have your own line of yarn, knitting world news, etc.

    I hope you had fun with the Knitta’s – can’t wait to see the segment. Have a great day!

  9. C

    I would love to listen to a pod cast from you. I think that it would be really interesting to hear how you juggle your busy life, and pleasure knitting. How do you introduce your family to your knitting? Things of that nature.

  10. Vickie Howell

    aesox: I dig the morning after idea. I could call my podcast, “The Morning After Purl”! OMG, I suddenly want to change the name of my business. πŸ™‚

    C: I don’t pleasure my knitting, I’m not that kind of girl! Just kidding, I know what you mean. πŸ™‚

    C & Carrie: How long would you listen to me babble about those things? 15 minutes? 5 minutes? 1 minute? Just curious.

    Jenny: Your yarn can be imprisoned too, with a little help from Ikea. πŸ˜‰

    Kathy Sue– That’s awesome that you’re mom made that space for you. I vaguely remember my mom doing the same thing in the dining room when we lived in Colorado, when I was really little.

    Meredith: I usually listen to All Things Considered, Morning Edition and my favorite, Fresh Air. I’d love to have Terry Gross’s job when she retires. πŸ™‚

  11. leann

    I’ve never actually listened to a podcast. I don’t really know what they entail. I listen to Harry Potter on tape. But I would be interested to see what you would say in one!

  12. Knit Freak

    I love the racks you have your yarn stored in, ive been looking for something like that. if you dont mind me asking what kind are they?

  13. kelly

    Love reading your blog….Love watching Knitty Gritty….pretty sure I would enjoy your podcast as well.

  14. Mandy


    I think a podcast from you would be way cool. I love to listen to podcasts at work when I am stuck at my desk. For length, I would say around 1/2 an hour. 15 minutes seems too short, and I listen to another well-known knitting podcast that is around an hour and it is just way too long for me. Maybe you could interview some crafty peeps like you do in Knit 1? And you don’t have to keep it to knitting, you can talk about other crafty stuff, or other topics that interest you. I think you should make it more of a Vickie Howell podcast as opposed to a strictly knitting podcast. You’re like the Martha for those of us who admire her craft but are exhausted by her OCD. A crafty rock n’ roll mama podcast is something a lot of us can get down with.

  15. Jen

    I’d love to hear a podcast from you. Maybe a knitty/crafty variety thing? will you be putting it on itunes? I’ve heard of a few others that do that so people can download them to ipods for free.

  16. Purple E

    Vickie – a podcast would be really awesome! I don’t always get to watch KG (or the reruns) and I just loooooove to hear your tips and suggestions.

    I think booktalk, new ideas, techniques, and yarny goodness would be great. I love to listen while I knit, and I would definitely make yours a a must-hear knitcast.

    Something tells me you’d rock the knitting podcast πŸ™‚

  17. tina

    GREAT space! It looks like you!

    I do listen to podcasts, mostly when I power walk in the mornings, 80% of them knit related. I love it, what a great time to listen and it motivates me to lace up my shoes and get out the door.

    It would be great to have a podcast from you. I’d love to hear interviews with the “Big Needles”, knitting celebs, designers, yarn companies, etc. I find that very inspirational and interesting. It would also be great to hear what YOU find is new and notable on the scene!

  18. Scoutj

    I listen to podcasts while I dye. So yeah, I’d definitely listen to you!

    BTW – John is on a plane to come and see me right NOW!

  19. Jessica

    Oooh, oooh! Do a podcast! πŸ™‚ I can’t listen to podcasts at work (I do a lot of number work and I have to listen to music with no words. Bach is usually perfect) but I listen to podcasts (and watch KG) while I spin and sometimes when I knit stockinette. Anything more complicated than that and I’m froggin’. You have “connections” to famous knitters and such, so that could be pretty fun.

    P.S. – I’m an ATC girl myself. Power to the Members of NPR!

  20. Yarn Thing

    This is funny that you mentioned this on your blog as I just published an episode of my podcast and wondered out loud how cool it would be to have a Knitty Gritty show/episode featuring podcasters.

    Of course I would LOVE to be on the show but there are several other podcasters out there that I think would be really fun to have as well.

    You should think about it then you could pick all our brains about our trials and tribulations with the podcast world πŸ™‚ Just a thought.


  21. Carrie

    Personally, I would love a weekly, hour long show. πŸ™‚ But that’s a lot of work!! Seriously, I think you should make it whatever length feels comfortable to you. You will have a TON of listeners, regardless of your format, so just have fun with it!


  22. diva mcknitster

    i love your room! i wish i had my own space of knitting/crafting nirvana. i have to share my comfy corner with my husband’s computer desk and the boy’s toy clutter. next house we buy must have a room for my stash and my snake arm chair, even if it’s the size of a closet!

    you should definitely do a podcast! not only about knitting but with your crafting ideas too. your crafts on stylicious are pretty cool too.

  23. jennie

    Vickie- Did you get most of the storage devices in your office from Ikea? Looks great. I need more storage devices… Thanks, Jennie

  24. LindaB

    You, Ms. Vickie, doing a podcast?! That would be totally rockin’! If you can possibly manage the time, please go for it.Love listening to you on your show, so hearing more would be, well, it would be more of a good thing, right?! Yes mam’!!
    PS. Your room looks like a sanctuary; good for you!
    Hugs from Jersey,

  25. Jessicaknits

    i listen to alot of the knitting podcasts (not all) and alot of NPR too.
    I think you would be great for podcasting. However long you want, 15 or 30. I’m sure you’d be able to provide good info about events coming up (Stitches, etc), interviews with authors of new books coming out, latest new trends (your own too of course!) etc.
    Good meaty info, with your great skills as a host. Or just make it FUN! I’d definately listen!

  26. Sonia

    Definitely yes to a podcast, now if you’ll excuse me I have to go to IKEA!

  27. Shannon

    I’d listen to your podcast, for sure! If you are unsure ya know you could always be a guest on ours-just to try it out? Whadda ya say?

  28. Cheryl / Lulu

    I would listen to podcasts. Being on the DIY knitting board, most there would like to see dvd’s as well.
    As there are so many out there that are not informed, I would like to see you to do a show on copyrights. I am so surprised how many out there on both the DIY and HGTV forums think its ok to copy and e-mail out patterns and sell items they have made .

  29. Vickie Howell

    Cheryl–Unfortunately, DIY has no plans to put the show out on DVD. For a while it seemed like the shows may be available to download through Amazon, but that may not happen either. I wish I could be more help–trust me, I’ve tried to make this happen. πŸ™

    Jo–I’m not sure what you mean. I definitely won’t be breaking out into song myself though, if that’s what you’re suggesting. πŸ˜‰

    Scout–John, who?

  30. Maria

    Doesn’t Terri Gross rock? I even re-listened to her interview with Gene Simmons last week. Incredibly cringe-worthy, but she is amazing. (And Al Franken’s Fresh Air interview where he comments on this interview, as well as recounting his encounter with Simmons is a riot.)

    Wonder if Terri Gross knits? Hey, maybe you could teach her….

  31. kcknits

    I’d definitely give your podcast a spin (or shall I say give it a download). I’ve listened to some pretty awful knitting podcasts, but if you throw in your energy and humor with some interesting stories, interviews and tips and it would be great! Like a knit version NPR’s This American Life…

    30 minutes would probably be a good start. I can’t listen at work because I have to read a lot, but I listen while I clean the house and while knitting, of course!

  32. Vickie Howell

    Wow, I rarely get this kind of response to my posts! Ok, I think I might try and do this. In the works right now is a series of 6 podcasts, by yours truly. If there’s anyone you’re dying to hear interviewed or specific tips or tricks you’re looking for guidance on, speak now or forever hold your peace!

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. xo, Vic

  33. Brenda

    I think a podcast would be great I listen to several knitting podcasts and love them…I was listening to marlie’s yarn thing and Love her idea of a knitting podcasters show, there are some really cool people out their with knitting podcasts…if you do one you know I will be downloading it!

  34. Karyn

    I would love to hear a podcast from you. I can’t wait to download it. I guess I have to get my busband to free up some space on the computer, our itunes library is outta hand and we can’t download anything right now πŸ™ Hope to hear more soon.

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