Ode-to Missoni at Target: Chevy Baby Blanket



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My excitement for the Missoni line launch at Target may possibly have reached ridiculous levels. The bold, graphic pieces they’re known for at prices that most can afford? A budget-conscious girl with a love for fashion never had a chance!  
The Chevy baby blanket is my crafty ode to Missoni–the design house that has me silly for stripes and seeing chevrons in my sleep. Enjoy!–VH

8 balls Stitch.Rock.Love Sheep(ish) for Caron (70% Acrylic/30% Wool ; 167 yds/153 m) yarn in colors: (A) Magenta(ish), (B) Chartreuse(ish), (C) Pumpkin(ish), (D) Robin’s Egg(ish), (E) Black(ish), (F) Taupe(ish), (G) Red(ish), (H) Turquoise(ish)

Size US J hook (or size needed to obtain gauge)
Tapestry Needle

Finished Size
39” x 36” (97 1/2” x 90 cm)

13 sts x 6 rows= 4” (10 cm) in patt stitch

Special Stitch:
3DCtog: Decrease 3 stitches in to one by double-crocheting them together.

NOTE: To make a larger version, increase stitches by multiples of 14 sts + 1. Don’t forget to add an additional 3 for your foundation chain!

With Color A, Ch 130.

Row 1(RS): DC in 4th ch from hook, * DC in each of 5 ch, 3DCtog over next 3 ch, DC in each of 5 ch, [DC, ch, DC] in next ch, repeat from *, ending with 2 DC in last ch. Turn.

Row 2: 3ch, DC in front loop of first DC, * DC in front loop of each of 5 dc, 3DCtog, over front loops of next 3 DC, DC in front loop of each of 5 DC, [DC, ch, DC] in ch sp, repeat from *, ending with 2 DC in 3rd of 3 ch. Turn.

Row 3: As for Row 2, but working in the BACK loops of stitches. Repeat Rows 2 & 3 until blanket measures 36” (90 cm) and switching to Colors B, C, D, E, F, G & H every 4 rows for the first half of blanket, and every 2 rows for the 2nd half, ending with 4 rows of Color A. Use Color Stripe Chart as a guide.

Tie off.



Stitch Guide

Weave in ends.
Get pattern pdf on Ravelry
Get Sheep(ish) yarn at select JoAnn & Michaels stores and online at!

14 Responses to “Ode-to Missoni at Target: Chevy Baby Blanket”

  1. Marie Z. Johansen

    That is such a perfect rendering of the Missoni spirit.My step-mother always wore Missoni clothes – wasn’t for me but I had to enjoy the colors and lines!

  2. Abbey

    I love it! I will need to make two of these (for twins)… will I need 2 sets of balls, or will 8 be enough for two blankets do you think?

  3. Vickie Howell

    Hmmm. You could get away with 1 ball of the Turquoise, but you’d probably need a ball each of the rest for each blanket. Good news is though, it’s only $3.00 a ball so you’re looking at under $30 per blanket!

  4. Anonymous

    okay, so i’m not the most advanced when it comes to crochet… I would like to make this in a large size (a.k.a. for an adult) but I am a bit confused by the upsizing.

    I know the note says: To make a larger version, increase stitches by multiples of 14 sts + 1. Don’t forget to add an additional 3 for your foundation chain

    Does that mean add 45 to the chain? and increase the stitches by multiples of 14… does that mean just add another set on the end?

    any help would be greatly appreciated… THANKS!

  5. Anonymous

    I had the same questions about enlarging the pattern using multiples. I figured 14*9=126 +1 and +3 for the foundation (turning chain/first DC)= 130. So to enlarge multiply 14 by greater than 9 then add 4 to get the number to chain. I did 14*12+1=169 +3=172 to chain. I don’t know if this is exactly right, but it worked. 🙂