Note to Self

Note to self: buy a pretty, well-fitting slip so that next time you wear your not-quite-thick-enough-to-be-modest, empire-waist dress to a fabulous fashion event like last Saturday’s STITCH, where your 6 year old son feels the need to hide beneath said dress while strangers are talking to you about your show, the aformentioned strangers plus those standing in line at the bar, will be spared the full back view of your ugly, biker-short-esque girdle. Thank you.

Speaking of under garments, I was recently sent the galley for Nikol Lohr’s new book Naughty Needles and well, HUBBA HUBBA!

Now, I before I go on, I should mention that this collection of patterns is not for prudes or anyone under 18 who hasn’t asked their parents first before they take a gander at the gams, as it were. Naughty Needles is a hilarious, yet very sexy ode to the bondage/pin-up days of the ’50s and 60’s. There’s a lot of whips and chain stitch within its 140+ pages but also, some very cool, well thought out knits that make a girl proud to not be one of those emaciated models of today. Women are luscious and lovely in the Felt Up corset and Mrs. Robinson sparkly bra. The felted nurse cap is killer and the knee-high socks are adorable but my favorite, by far, is the cover project: Gidget Goes Hawaii, a perfect Varga girl inspired bikini. Oh, if I only had the guts! All in all, if you’re in touch with your saucy side and have a sense of humor , then you’ll dig this jaunt far away from traditional knitting fare. For more info, check out Nikol’s website, Disgruntled Housewife.

Nightie, night!,

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