Noel the Wonder Pup!

Hey all! I wanted to take a moment to spread the word about the incredibly sad story of Noel, a dog who’s missing both of her ears due to being used as fight bait. Sometimes I’m ashamed to be a part of the human race!

She’s a beautiful, kind eyed puppy whose story broke my heart into a million pieces when I read it. Thankfully however, she was rescued by a kick-ass woman named Bernie, and is on the mend. Last week one of Jennifer’s Craft Lab guests (and Bernie’s friend) Claudine, contacted me about getting people to knit hats & headbands with little ears on them that Noel can wear to make her feel pretty.

Claudine and her mom came up with a pointy-eared headband that you can find on her blog as well as measurements, if you want to design you own. I knit up a little floppy-eared number in her honor and, in case you’re interested in showing a little puppy love for Noel yourself, I thought I’d post my pattern. The address to send finished doggy bobbles to, can be found on Bernie’s blog. Thanks! xo, Vickie

Noel’s Floppy-Ears

1 ball bulky weight yarn
US size 10 1/2 needles
Tapestry Needle

US size J crochet hook (optional)

SKP= Slip, knit, pass sliiped stitch over. (left-slanted decrease)
K2tog= Knit two stitches together. (right slanted decrease)
Kf&b= Knit in front & back of the same stitch (increase)

CO 3 sts.
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Kf&b, k to last st, kf&b
Repeat last two rows until 11 sts.
Knit every row until piece measures 8 1/2″ from edge.
Next row: SKP, k to last two sts, k2tog.
Next row: Knit
Repeat last 2 rows until 3 sts. remain. BO.

EAR (Make 2)
CO 10.
Knit 6 rows.
Next row: K3, SKP, k2tog, k to end.
Knit 5 rows.
Next row: K2, SKP, k2tog, k to end.
Knit 5 rows.
Next row: K1, SKP, k2tog, k1,
Knit 3 rows.
Next row: SKP, k2tog, pass stitch over to bind off.

Using a tapestry needles sew ears onto band at desired placement. Weave in ends.
Using crochet hook, pull loop of yarn through one end of headband and chain 22. Tie off. Repeat on other side. Alternatively, you could ad a braided or i-cord tie.
That’s all there is to it!

This is my blurred attempt at snapping a picture of our dog Rio, wearing the ears. She’s camera shy. πŸ˜‰

17 Responses to “Noel the Wonder Pup!”

  1. Funky Finds

    I found your blog through Claudine Hellmuth. Fabulous job. I cried when I read Noel’s story & am so happy to see how you talented knitsters are helping her out. Peace to you in ’07!

  2. Debby

    Thank you for the pattern. I just hate it when animals are abused. It makes my heart break. My little Lucy (Jack Russell Terrier) says I am to make ears for Noel. She has such big ears I know she would share if she could

    It is good to have a kind heart

  3. Bernie Berlin

    I just got back into town and have to say “Thank YOU!!!” from both myself and Noel!!
    She looks so cute in her new hat:)
    Her ears will need protection from the cold and now she has it, plus some fancy new ears to remind her that she is loved from afar by good people. I hope to get a chance to meet you at CHA, I’ll be at the Northlight booth. I will post pics of her tomorrow and I hope to get a little video in the next few days.
    Blessings and Light to you!!!
    Bernie Berlin

  4. Ariel

    That is so sweet. Thank you for exposing the sad story of animal cruelty. I’m glad Noel has a happy and loving home now.

  5. Wendy

    Sweet idea, but I bet Noel enjoys chewing the faux ears more than wearing them. Thanks for helping to spread the word about this cruel, cruel practice. Hopefullt, the more people learn about it, the quicker we can arradicate it.

    Rock on Noel!

  6. Anonymous

    Aw… It’s so great that Noel finally has a good home!

  7. Brenda

    Thank you for this pattern. WE have a dog we rescued that had the right side of his head shot. The vet had to remove his right eye and right ear. I am going to modify this pattern for him. Thanks again.
    Brenda Weddle

  8. Anonymous

    so glad Noel was able to be rescued! I like to think there’s a special place in hell just for the type of people who hurt innocent creatures like that. I have 2 dogs who are rescue does, and love them dearly. When my skills get stronger, I’ll try knitting some of these. πŸ™‚ I also plan to make blankets for pets in shelters.

  9. Anonymous

    I too have just recently adopted a dog who was abused by her former owners. She is a chihuahua who was beaten. She is starting to adjust to my children and I but still skittched around my husband. I am glad there are people out there like you and I. Sofia may never adjust but at least I know she will have a good life from here on out.