No More Blocker’s Block!–CONTEST

Let me start out by saying that admittedly, I am not a blocker.  In fact, in the past I’ve tended to avoid projects that require blocking especially, if they needed more space than an ironing board provided.  I’m also prone to avoiding details, but that’s really beside the point.  Anyway, thanks to the brilliance of Coco Knits, I no longer have blocker’s block!   
Picture this if you will: a modular blocking system that adapts to any size garment, is usable virtually anywhere, is self-contained AND easy to store!  No, can’t visualize?  Yeah, I suck at that too.  No worries, just scroll down to see the amazing KNITTER’S BLOCKS!
I came across this bit of blocktopia at Stitches West when I escaped from my SWTC post to run and introduce myself to the Article Pract (Oakland LYS) gals, and bought one immediately from their booth.    As you can see, it’s the same concept as those puzzle play mats for kids except that this version is heat resistant & waterproof.  The kit comes with everything you see pictured. Well, except for the purple tank top, which is mine (the pattern however, will be available in the Summer issue of Knitty. ;))

Why am I telling you all this you ask?  Well, a.) because I’m a firm believer that if you find something good, you should spread the word about it and b.) Coco Knits has been kind enough to donate a Knitter’s Block kit for me to giveaway in this week’s Countdown to KNIT AID Contest!

Post now with the reason why you neeeeeeeed Knitter’s Blocks (Are you a lace knitter, without a a big table & lots of taped down towels?  Do you live in a small apartment, devoid of carpet and space?  Whatever, I want to hear it!) and/OR your current method of blocking without this tool. Over the weekend, I’ll pick the most deserving (or possibly entertaining ;)) candidate to receive one of these BLOCKbuster beautes.  Sound good?  Good.
Peace.  Out.  Knitside.

55 Responses to “No More Blocker’s Block!–CONTEST”

  1. Cib

    Hi Vickie! I NEED Knitter’s Block because without it, I’ve HAD knitter’s block! My first (and only) blocking experience was close to a nightmare… I had pinned my mom’s Christmas gift (Branching Out scarf) to the spare bed. BUT–I forgot to safeguard against the furry one (Joey the way-too-fat cat) who normally takes his afternoon nap on such bed. It’s the only room in the house that gets such warm sunlight which is of course a cat’s ideal spot. So I would come home each and every day to a soggy pile of scarf and a grinning cat!

    Thankfully he didn’t ruin it, but it certainly was interwoven with cat hair when Mom opened it up Christmas morning!

    The Knitter’s Block is such a good idea because I can move it anywhere in the house…like the study, where said cat is not allowed to come and play….

    I’ve been sticking to non-blockable knits for a while now and would love to get back into some more challenging projects.

    So pick me!!!!! 🙂

  2. Knit & Purl Mama

    Thanks for the give-away!

    I need this because I have a toddler who has to touch everything, so by him touching everything, I can’t pin it to the carpet or wherever. So, by having it as a kit it would avoid my toddler’s fingers!!! Cuz then, I could lock it in the laundry room! 🙂

    What a great idea!

  3. RiverCitySTL

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh the knitters block is exactly what I need! I’ve been using a cardboard pattern cutting board to block with. Problem is, when you spray the item you are blocking with water, water also soaks the cardboard….and well…my piece of cardboard is hosed.

    I read somewhere that you can get a set of kids interlocking squares that look like puzzle pieces and they are good for blocking on. My problem there would be I would miss the lines…how on earth would you know that you are lining the item up evenly while blocking it without lines? Does the knit blocker have lines? I can’t tell.

    Knitting is supposed to be calming…this whole blocking business is raising my blood pressure I tell ya!

  4. Marlyn

    Hi, Vickie!
    I’ve been looking at those KNITTER’S BLOCKS for some time, and trying to figure out when I’ll be able to afford them. I really, really need them.

    In the past couple of years, I’ve started making shawls as gifts for my female relatives, and when I’m ready to block, my husband has to get two large sheets of plywood out of the garage. He lays them out on the floor of our downstairs guest room, and I spread thick towels over them and pin my work out on the towels with pins that are strong enough to go into the wood.

    I turn on the ceiling fan to circulate the air, as I have to close the door so the vampire kitty will be kept away from it.

    If I had the KNITTER’S BLOCKS, I’d still have to spread them out on the guest room floor, but at least I wouldn’t struggle to put pins into plywood.

  5. Sharon

    Hi, Vickie!

    I need these blocks because I’m currently living in a wee apartment in Brooklyn, NY. In order to block anything larger than…hmm, say a dishrag, I have to move my coffee table and sofa aside, lay a few towels on top of my area rug, and hope that my boyfriend doesn’t step on a blocking wire or needle on his way to the bathroom at night. Did I mention that I’m 6 months pregnant? I’m approaching non-furniture-moving stage, so I have to get my very understanding boyfriend to move this furniture for me.

    If I had these blocks, I could set up on my table and not have to worry about my poor boyfriend impaling himself (again) while he staggers to get himself a midnight glass of water. He’s told me that those tetanus shots hurt something aweful. 😉

    Pick me, please!!

    – S

  6. StarrChild

    Hi Vickie! I too tend to avoid things that require blocking. I have been using a piece of thick Styrofoam and lots of pins and a fan. This means that I can only block small things (dishcloth).

    Now if I had the proper tools, then I can really begin to branch out and try some larger projects.

    Thanks for sharing this fab find with us!


  7. Earthly Fae

    Well Vickie ..it’s like this.. we have 3 cats that took revenge out on me for not letting them play with my yarn, by peeing on the carpets. So, we removed all the carpets.. I have nothing to pin anything to *sobs*.

    Short and sweet ..tahdah!

  8. Marnie

    Oh great googily moogily, I want those with the white hot passion of a thousand suns. *sigh*

    Since I crank out quite a few projects every year, I have to do a lot of blocking and I don’t have an ironing board, or even a kitchen table to spread things out. When we moved up to portland, we got rid of all our furniture except the bed and the couch and a coffee table and so the only place I have to do my blocking is on the floor which has, I must admit a lot of dog hair, most of the time.

    Since our place is teeeny tiiiiiny an option that stores away in a small spot is especially nice.

    Also, have I mentioned how very brilliant and stylish you are? 😉

  9. Hanna

    Omg, I need these because I just moved in with my fiance into a *tiny* house (only 646 finished sq ft). My previous method of blocking was to send things to work with my mother, who operates a steam press at a dry cleaners, but blocking things that way now would include hours of driving since I don’t trust anyone but her to do it. It would also spur me back into knitting again. Ever since I moved, I haven’t touched my needles even though I’ve had time and projects. That might be really good because knitting is my relaxing activity and I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately.
    I’m trying not to sound too pathetic here… but it’d be really great to have these so I can consider making my own lace wedding veil.

  10. Caroline

    Why I need a knitters blocks:
    LACE. Im knitting a circular Elizabeth Zimmermann Shawl (the oune out of the July chapter of “Knitter’s Almanac”). Only, instead of size 10 needles, I’m doing it on size 2. Craaaazy, I know. The last time I blocked lace, I blocked it on sweater driers on my dining room table…however, that’s not really gonna work with this shawl. I totally need knitter’s blockers….they’d do the job great.

  11. cdnbull

    Sweet Vickie,
    I yearn to knit lace, I dream in pi shawls and lace-weight alpaca. The only thing standing between me and my knitting fantasy is a Knitter’s Block and you. No ironing board will do, no carpet or table is hallowed enough for the lace I envision. You can fulfill my fantasy of fingering-weight, lace-weight, yarn-overs and ssk. You alone sweet Vickie, you alone.

  12. Andrea

    I need the Knitter Blocks beacause right now all I have are some scraggled old stained towels and push pins, so I absolutely dread, dread I tell you, blocking, so I don’t.

    Please relieve this pain

  13. Aine

    Oh! I’ve had a mental block against blocking for as long as I’ve been a knitter (since Nov 2004). I tell myself that my sweaters look “rustic” and “natural” unblocked… but truthfully I’d love a blocking solution that is easy to use and store.

    Our house is space-challenged, so I’ve never been able to justify getting a traditional blocking board.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but I’ll have one eye on the Internet looking for stores that carry Knitter’s Blocks. 🙂

  14. Camping Jason

    Vicki, I need these blocks! The only carpet we have in the house is on the stairs to our bedroom and the bedroom floor. Not only that, but we have two dogs that shed like crazy, so I’d have to vacuum the carpet for hours before I’d ever lay a handknit on it. I recently finished a scarf for my wife and I blocked it on three chair covers wrapped in shopping bags! Inventive yes, but clearly not a long term solution. I’m planning my first vest and sweater projects, so I’m going to need a larger area to block them. These Knitter’s Blocks would work perfectly!

  15. J.P.

    I am like you in that I don’t block.

    However, I would do it if I had something this cute to block WITH..

    So please… help me to block. hehe

  16. Lil Knitter

    Omg…what an awesome thing! I will beg, plead, grovel…whatev, you name. I am knitting the Icelandic Shawl (my first big lace project) and as of now, I have no place to block it. I have 4 kids, a chihuahua and a very rambunctious nephew who prevent safely blocking on the bed…plus, where would I sleep? 😛
    I rarely do a project that needs blocking for these reasons, oh and that other reason which is…I suck at it.

    I would so love to have the KNITTER’S BLOCK. *insert puppy dog eyes and pitiful look here*


  17. iffer@AOL.com

    I NEED the Knitter’s Block because my husband can’t understand when I explain that the majority of our living room carpet will be taken up by my knitting for several hours, and that he’ll have to find some way of keeping the dog off it. When I suggested we pad the dining table so I can use it to block a shawl for his Grandmother, he looked at me like I had 2 heads. And for some strange reason he wasn’t thrilled with me laying it on our foam mattress and applying steam from the iron. He just doesn’t understand! So I NEED the Knitter’s Block so I can finally make the stole of my dreams without worrying that I won’t have anywhere to block it. 🙂

  18. Karen

    I live in a NYC apartment, need I say more? Space is a commodity and every inch is valuable – so having a product such as Knitters Block would be fabulous! 🙂

    thanks for having this contest

  19. Angela

    I need knitter’s block because we have a room in the In-laws house while my Fiance is attending college. I try to make my crafting as portable as possible. With the knitters block, I could move blocked items from our bedroom to the bathroom or even our computer chair depending on the size of the item. I knit shawls and other items while I work as a Caregiver.

  20. BostonBecca


    I really, really need the Knitter’s Blocks because without them, I will have nowhere to block my 6 feet by 6 feet Chuppah I am currently knitting for my wedding! I don’t want to block this future heirloom on the floor because that would be the only other place to do so! I could at least put these on the floor and then put the Chuppah on the blocks.

    Here’s the Ravelry link to the project: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/KnittingDefender/my-chuppah.

    Even besides that project, I like knitting lace and currently I have been pinning out my lace on a long piece of felt laid out and then having to lock the cat out of the bedroom even at night to keep him from pouncing on the lace and to keep him from getting stuck with blocking pins as he pounces. These blocks would considerably speed up the drying process and the cat would be tortured for less time because he can’t be in the room that he considers his domain.

    We also live in a pretty small one bedroom apartment in between our works and well, there’s not anywhere to store big blocking blocks.

    Thanks, hope I win!

  21. jennsquared

    I SOOOO need this! I’m getting married this year and I’m making three shawls for my bridesmaids as gifts – when you are poor, you turn into labor, right? I worked hard doing model knitting for Schaefer Yarn Co so I earned enough of their Andrea Yarn. Now only if I could win this.

    My apartment is so small it gets over run by the three giant furries I rescued. When I need to block things, I lock them out in the yard for a period of time (hopefully it’s not raining cuz they stinks if it does) and use a small portable mattress that I store in the hallway and lay it on the kitchen floor – which is also a disaster waiting to happen because then cooking is hard. When there is no food, people gets testy and things gets ugly. If I get the knitter’s block, then I can lay them on top of my bed and if it’s not dried, I can move it to the living room, much more portable than the method I was using. Plus storage would be so much easier!

    I love knitting lace and I think this would be a great addition for me.

  22. KnitXcorE

    i need them because I’d like to sleep in my bed more (i use it to block stuff!)

    rolling over on lost pins is an SOB!!!


  23. Sonia

    Oh this is so great! I have recently got my co-worker into knitting,she picked it up so quickly. I knew she would because she does fancy, intricate, beautiful wire jewelry. She recently purchase a shawl pattern book and lovely yarns. The only problem is she suffers from Blocker’s Block, her space is to small, there are to many animals in the house(cats,dogs),it would be to hard are usual reasons she gives me. I’m not a huge fan of blocking but I have try to tell her shawls are going to need to be block all the hard work she is doing should be blocked.This would be so great to win for her ( then she would not have any excuses)and I know her mom and sis would get use out of it(they got into knitting too).She was so sweet when she purchased her Knit Picks Harmony needles, she bought me one as a thank you for showing her how to knit.Honestly this would be out of my budget to buy,my daughter has this need to graduate this year and go to college.

  24. Anita

    Me block a project? Nevah 🙂 I’ve tried towels with sewing needles to block a project and it was disasterous. So disasterous in fact that I’ve never done it again. I’ve never once blocked a sweater that I’ve made either.

    That is definitely something I’ll look into if not picked.

  25. Kounting Sheep

    Ode to Knitting Blocks…

    Oh please save me
    from the woes of blocking!
    I am a poor, poor college student
    about ready to graduate
    and still living in a tiny room
    in her parent’s house.
    Her only method of blocking
    includes towels on the floor,
    chairs in the backyard,
    and the kitchen counter.
    Her money has been drained by yarn
    and her college education.
    Her hopes of knitting lace
    and garments to keep her
    measly wardrobe from looking
    like a college student’s wardrobe
    have been thwarted by her lack
    of a proper blocking system.
    Oh please bestow this lovely gift
    on the poor, poor college student,
    so that she may enter her new life
    with a degree and killer lace!

    Kounting Sheep

  26. Fuji Mama

    I need it because I’ve been trying to find this exact type of solution! I live in Tokyo, Japan, where NO ONE has any real space. I end up choosing projects based on the fact that I don’t have to block them, because I’ve had such a difficult time doing so here in the past. However, this has gotten old, and I need options!

  27. Kris

    Hey, Vicki! I think I’m going to have a go at this contest.

    Now, I’m not going to say that I NEEEED the knitters block because I’m sure I’d find some way to manage perhaps, and there’s nothing to say that I’d need it more then anyone else.

    So, I would REALLY REALLY REALLY like to have a knitter’s block for a few reasons. First off, I still live with my parents who are slobs. So floor space is nonexistant. And if I were to get bold and attempt to block on the floor after cleaning out enough space, the dogs would get to it. My dogs love to eat my knitting. Especially projects that I’ve finished. Those are the best.
    Our ironing board is crap and really you can’t even iron on it. And my bed. Well…my bed is usually occupied too much for anything to be able to dry on it! I need my sleed. That’s for sure.

    Anyways, if you decided to pick me, that’s awesome. But if not, I’m sure it’ll go to someone who could use it just as much, if not more, then me. Looking forward to the release of Knitting Aid!

  28. lahodges


    I really need the blockers. My husband is in a wheelchair, so laying anything on the floor to block it is a problem for him to maneuver around. I tried blocking in a small bathroom we have, with towels on the floor, but because of the tub it is only two feet wide and so except for scarves, that didn’t work well either. To make matters worse, we have a little dog that thinks anything on the floor is hers to lay on. I can’t tell you how often I would find blocking pins around the house! They get caught in her fur when she’s been laying on my project. Which means I have to pick them up and re-pin whatever it is I’m trying to block.

    I don’t even attempt to knit lace shawls anymore, because I have nowhere to block them. Please, pick me! I really need a way to block stuff! 🙂

  29. Cate

    Hi Vickie. I apologize. This comment is not about the Blocker’s Block Contest. It’s a question about wedding fashions I saw on Knitty Gritty, but I can’t find the show and I couldn’t find any other way to reach you.

    I use to watch Knitty Gritty all the time. DIY change the time, so I don’t get to see you so often these days. I am definitely going to try out your podcast. In the meantime, I did see your show about wedding fashions last week. I think it was a rebroadcast. Along with the beautiful veil, which seemed like the star of the show, I saw a really cool “sweater shawl” or “shawl with sleeves”. I don’t know what to call it. However, I’d love to find the pattern. I tried to search your DIY show list but didn’t see it mentioned anywhere. Can you please tell me which show this was and where I can find a pattern for the “wrap with sleeves”? Thank you. Now that I’ve found your blog, I’ll check in every once and a while. Cheers, Cate

  30. AllBeehive

    I just ordered yarn to knit a baby blanket for my BFF who is 5 months pregnant with her first baby. The blanket consists of 35 squares from different patterns. Due to time constraints, (and the fact that I have a new 4 month old) I’ve had to pull in my mom for help. She knits very loose, so she is using smaller needles than me. So in then end, I will definitely need to block all the squares to the same size. You can view a similar project that I worked on here: http://www.christyallbee.com/2006/11/baby-is-finally-warm.html

    It took so long. I’m just hoping I can finish it before the baby is in kindergarten.

  31. BreeAsInTheTown

    I need these, I live in a small apartment, have a 5 year old and a bf who lumbers around. The last time I tried to block (on the carpet), the sweater was in an out of the way corner, but still the bf managed to step on it, screwed up the stretching I had going on, and got mad at me because he got a pin in his foot. I’m hoping these could help me put it up even more out of the way.

  32. Noreen in Thunder Bay

    Well just to be contrary, I am going to say that I don’t need the blocks. *smile* I have survived knitting and crocheting for 40 some odd years of not blocking items and while they may not look perfect put together unblocked, they served their purpose and were worn with all the love that I put into making them. Whoever invented these blocks deserves a medal because I am sure all of us non blockers are going to learn how, especially me since I am daring to go where I have never gone before and that is the world of lace knitting.

  33. Nichole

    I *need* them because my honey would probably kill me if I start taking the ones up off the floor that are under our workout equipment… 🙂


  34. Nicole

    These are a great idea! I live in a 1 bdrm apt with a husband, 20 month old little boy and a cat. Blocking items on the floor or bed is out thanks to the kiddo and the cat and the last time I blocked an item on the kitchen table the dampness from the knit sweater soaked through the towel and ruined the finished on our table. Oops! These would be perfect for protecting our table (and for keeping the knit item away from little hands and paws).

  35. diva mcknitster

    dear vickie,

    since i’m a diy type of gal i made my own blocking board with a piece of art foam and a piece of vinyl table cloth (red gingham, very hip). however, i’m afraid to use it for blocking since i’m afraid my iron will catch the vinyl and foam on fire (however blocking wool may outen the fire…)

    if you need a second reason, i am knitting a sampler square afghan for my husband’s cousin’s upcoming wedding in june, and the blocking squares would enable me to block more than one square at a time. my dream is that when she opens our present at the wedding, people will gasp at the afghan and congratulate me for being such a rock star knitter!

    thanks for you fun contests!

  36. tina

    I need a Knitters Block because blocking for me is an odd process. I don’t have a good flat space for blocking on a regular basis so I firmly do not believe in traditional blocking. No ma’am. I think that you must wash the finished garment lovingly and blot it gently in towels and then for the blocking part you put it on and wiiiiiiiiigle and wiiiiiiiiigle until the garment is dry and just right! 🙂 This does become somewhat of a problem if you are in a hurry to go somewhere else, or if you are blocking in a cold environment. If the doorbell rings you are just S out of luck, I can tell you that as well!!! Go ahead………… picture it! ACK!!!