New Year, New Classes!

Newspaper Yarn

In Austin? Start the new year off, by learning a new stitching skill. Beginning in January, I’m teaching four different, knitting & crochet classes at Stitch Lab!

Go green by making your own string! Broaden your fiber repertoire by learning how to recycle everyday items into “yarn” you can use for knit, crochet and mixed-media projects! You’ll make a ball each of workable yarn out of spun newspaper, cut t-shirts and grocery bags. I’ll also provide a pattern for the Extra! Eco! frame front, as well as other project recommendations from her book, AwareKnits.

These handy little shapes can be used to embellish a skirt, act as the body of a bag or be pieced together to make pretty much anything your little stitching heart desires. In this intro class, we’ll cover the basic crochet stitches and how to make a basic granny square. You’ll leave with an understanding of how to create both small & large squares on your own and my Mod Granny blanket pattern from Crochet Today! Magazine, or I’ll give you some ideas of things you can make with just 2 squares!

Know the very basics of crochet are are ready to take your skills up to the next level? This class is for you! I will get you started (speedy hookers may even finish!) on a one of the most popular projects from her book Pop Goes Crochet, the “Doris” scarf. This lovely neck piece is perfect for warmer weather and makes a great gift! Students should have 1 or 2 simple crochet projects under their belt to take this class.

In this class, traditional meets trendy! Learn how to incorporate old-school, knotted cables into the popular, eternity-style scarf. I’ll walk you through using stitch holders instead of cable needles to tie knots in your knitting while you work-up your own version of her Chain Gang scarf pattern. This project makes a great gift, stylish accessory AND ups the ante on your mad knitting skillz!

This is an intermediate class; knitting experience required.

Check out the Stitch Lab site for dates, times and to register now–classes are kept small for individual attention, so sign-up while there are still spaces available!

Hope to stitch with you soon!



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