New Sheep(ish) Pattern: Pea-Wee Coat

The Pea-Wee Coat pattern is now available on Caron.com! Get the pattern, Sheep(ish) yarn and Tulip crochet hook in a select JoAnn  & Michaels or online.


4 Responses to “New Sheep(ish) Pattern: Pea-Wee Coat”

  1. Silvia R. Bennett

    My sister is making this coat for my daughter, how many rolls of yarn,(Sheep(ish)), would she need to make this for a 2yr toddler? I’ve been reading the pattern, and not sure how to figure that out. I don’t crochet/knit, so I’m clueless…would love to start though! Very cute design. Any answer would be appreciated. Thanks.