New Sheep(ish) Pattern: Hand-tastic Wrist Warmers!

It’s Day 6 on the Caron Connections’ 12 Days of Christmas pattern-stravaganza, which means my pattern for Sheep(ish) unisex wrist warmers is up! Grab the Hand-tastic pattern here, and get started on making these for the people on your holiday list!


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7 Responses to “New Sheep(ish) Pattern: Hand-tastic Wrist Warmers!”

  1. Anonymous

    Is there something missing here? How do you go from in the round to back & forth without some in-between step?

  2. Vickie Howell

    All you do is instead of continuing in the round, when you finish the row at Needle 3, you flip the piece and work back the direction you came from, only on the WS. Make sense?

  3. Anonymous

    Well, that kind of makes sense, but it’d be better if the pattern clearly said that. I wanted to finish, so I cast off stitches and then cast on again on the next row, giving me a nice thumb hole. But I’ll try your way next time, as I like the overall pattern and plan to make a few more pair. Thanks!