New Sheep(ish) Pattern: Baby M Blanket!

I originally designed this blanket for my brother’s baby-to-be before we knew whether it was a he or a she. I started referring to the little nugget as Baby M (for Montoya, their last name); hence the name of this project. Since then, I’ve had the delight of becoming an aunt to the cutest baby boy in the entire world that I didn’t also give birth to myself: Jacob Yoshio! But I digress.
For Jacob’s blanket I went with his parents’ preferred shades of calm and calmer, by pairing Sheep(ish) colors Taupe(ish) & White(ish) with just a splash of Turquoise(ish). It would look just as great though, in in a bold magenta & chartreuse or grey & yellow. I’m counting on you people, to work up all kinds of different color variations for me to see–so go nab the pattern today! 😉


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